PF member urges govt to distribute development equally

KAPOCHE Constituency PF secretary Stephen Tembo has urged the PF government to distribute development equally to avoid other areas look like failures.

In an interview, Tembo said he had been hearing that in Sinda Constituency the government has been providing relief food in form of melie-meal yet the same was not being done in Kapoche.

He said when such things were done in that manner, it made leaders of the other area look unprofitable in the eyes of their electorates.

“It is important for government to share these developments equally so that there is no misunderstanding. For example, reports are there that Sinda Constituency residents have been receiving mealie-meal from the government but when you see here there is nothing but when you look at people of Sinda and Kapoche’s faces, same problems and when one area is given something and the other area is not then it will make those disadvantaged look like they are failures,” he stated.

He said Sinda independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo might be using his own funds to buy mealie-meal to share with people but if the food was from government, Kapoche deserved a share.

On new year, Sinda Constituency residents received 400 bags of mealie-meal from the President Edgar Lungu through Sinda member of parliament and district commissioner Paradious Sakala told the people that the new year gift was from the Head of State.

Tembo revealed that on Friday, Kapoche member of parliament Dr Charles Banda checked on progress on rehabilitation of bridges.

“We may have no relief food here in Kapoche as at now but I can assure you, our MP is doing greater things because currently we are working on bridges as you heard that government gave us K350,000 for bridges and the work at Chamakubi, Chingombe, Matambazi and Kapungwe bridges is going on well as it is supervised by the council,” said Tembo.

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