Law has become the scum of all professions – Sishuwa

Dr SISHUWA Sishuwa says the legal profession has become the scum of all professions.

He argues that lawyers are trained to advance the noble ideals.

“Are there professionals who have betrayed today’s Zambia more than lawyers, including magistrates & judges? Lawyers are trained to advance the “noble ideals” of the profession, yet many – with some brave exceptions – are gladly serving out lies, venality and injustice. Lawyers, why?” he tweeted. “It would appear that in our extreme impoverishment, professions are a means to find a job, for survival, not to advance the “noble ideals” of the profession. Law has assumed the mantle of leader, in this regard, in Zambia. It has become the scum of all professions, in my opinion.”

Dr Sishuwa quoted from Supreme Court judge Mumba Malila’s book “The Contours of a Developing Jurisprudence of the Zambian Supreme Court” in which he wrote some of the decisions made by Zambia’s judiciary “can find no support in common sense, in reason, or in the law. They are so blatant in their defiance of logic that they justify public criticism of the judiciary”.

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