Our people must be delivered economically, says Nkhoma

KAPOCHE Constituency 2021 parliamentary aspirant Apostle Emmanuel Nkhoma says men of God can get involved in politics, not jut to deliver people from spiritual issues.

In a press statement, Nkhoma noted that if there are economic challenges besetting the people in a constituency, they could not stand and praise the Lord.

“The most important thing why we are going into politics is because we don’t just want our people to be delivered spiritually. Our people must be delivered economically, listen to this, spiritual freedom, political freedom without economic freedom is worse than slavery. In spiritual freedom, you can stand and pray; political freedom you can go and vote but without economic freedom, it’s a problem more than slavery,” he stated.

He said his involvement in politics was to ensure that Kapoche is transformed because despite its fertile soil and good climate, it has remained undeveloped.

“My involvement into the political arena at the moment is to see to it that we bring economic transformation to the area. Dad told me that in 1960 when he was still living in Kitwe, Kitwe was a village, Kitwe was a bush as they could count houses but today Kitwe is a city due to transformation,” he said.

“The same way Kapoche today is a village, not because of anything but because over the past years the government has concentrated economic activities along the line of rail. Hence my involvement is to see that we bring economic transformation activities into rural areas like Kapoche which I desire to adopt not because I’m coming from there, not because that’s my village but that I want to use it as a model, as an example that we Christians can be involved into politics and bring development,” apostle Nkhoma stated.

“Most of the people who have gone into politics it is because of their poverty, it’s because of their bellies and that’s why we say an empty stomach has a corrupt mind. I am not going there with an empty stomach, I am going there to make some changes and bring economic transformation,” he stated.

He boasted that he dreams using Kapoche as a hub for agricultural activities because the area has ideal soils, good rainfall pattern, and climate to support farming.

Apostle Nkhoma said it was possible that an industry that could process maize into mealie-meal could be established in Kapoche.

“I remember in 1995 people came from Mozambique to come and have food, to come and eat, work in Kapoche where we are, in Nyanje, we were able to feed them but today we are failing to feed ourselves and our families just because of poor leadership,” he said.

Apostle Nkhoma, who did his grade 8-9 at Nyanje Day School, and whose father Judah Nkhoma served as village headman Kamphukutu after he retired from mines, stated that he would utilise every meaningful resource in the area to bring about economic transformation to benefit the people.

“My involvement is to make sure that we utilise our natural resources, we utilise our human resources, our personnel and develop that land not because of people from outside but by using every stakeholder for the benefit of the area. Watch and see how we will develop our area,” Nkhoma stated.

Kapoche Constituency is currently represented by Dr Charles Banda of PF who is also Minister of Local government.

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