We’re hungry, PF cadres tell Wina

PATRIOTIC Front members in Kazungula have complained to Vice-President Inonge Wina of hunger saying they have not received relief food.

The cadres during a meeting with Vice-President Wina at Kazungula Boarding School first murmured when Southern Province minister Edify Hamukale said the government had given them relief food.

This forced Vice-President Wina to say that was why she had traveled to Kazungula.

“I could hear some murmurs (to Hamukale’s speech) that is why I have come to see how you are receiving (relief) food,” she said.

Vice-President Wina told the cadres that they may not see development in their homes and communities because their UPND member of parliament (Derrick Livune) who is supposed to work with the government, to ask for empowerment, is not doing so.

“We have a challenge as a government on how to reach you in your homes and communities…that is why I come to ask you that in 2021 you give us our own member of parliament. If we had our own MP you would have seen development in your personal capacity as well as at community level,” she said.

Vice-President Wina added that there was need to devise a system to distribute relief food effectively.

She also said PF members were under stress with information from the UPND against the ruling party.

And PF central committee member Kebby Mbewe warned the cadres against listening to propaganda being perpetrated by the UPND.

“Don’t just listen to what you read, some political party wants to destroy this country using propaganda. Propaganda is a small snake that can kill this country,” said Mbewe.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Wina told PF members not be derailed by those propagating negative sentiments over Bill 10.

Addressing PF cadres who welcomed her at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport on Thursday, Vice-President Wina said Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 contained a number of progressive amendments.

“I urge you to take time [to] listen and understand the provisions being suggested for amendments. Let us all be open minded. Do not be derailed by those propagating negative sentiments over Bill 10,” she said. 

“Let us not miss this opportunity like we did in 2016 (on the Bill of Rights).” 

Vice-President Wina said Bill 10 further intended to revise the electoral Act so as to help Zambia come up with laws, policies and frameworks to enhance inclusive representation and gender balance in parliament and councils.

“My appeal to you all, therefore, is to support this bill, to encourage your MPs to support this bill,” Vice-President Wina said.

“Politicians have a way of twisting issues and matters and even ideas, policies that can benefit the people.” 
She explained that the PF wanted to make a constitution that would protect every Zambian.

Vice-President Wina said Bill 10 would ensure that laws were there to take care of the poor people and empower the most vulnerable.

She said Bill 10 would further seek to produce a constitution that would consider people with disabilities, empowerment of women and youths and respond to the development and needs of the country.

And Southern Province minister Edify Hamukale said 5,900 tonnes of relief mealie-meal had been distributed to 300,000 people in various districts in the province as of last June.

“In the past 15 days, Southern Province received a lot of rainfall which resulted in floods and the reports received as at yesterday [Wednesday] about 18 schools and clinics had their rooftops blown off because of excessive rains and several other infrastructure was damaged,” said Hamukale.

He told the Vice-President that the Ministry of Agriculture in the province had received 7,500 litres of chemicals to control army worm.

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