Headline Matters: Moral Decay

What’s going on here? It seems the truth is getting eaten up every day that comes. Some “untruthful” people point to social media platforms, especially WhatsApp and Facebook, as the reason for all this phony picture of society. 

If I give an aura that today’s society is an honest one, I’ll be an extension of MORAL DECAY. But I’m no doomsayer; I’m aware that there is a portion of society that is wonderfully honest.  This article is not addressing them and kudos to them. We need more and more people to display such openness. 

I could have kept quiet about dishonesty that has almost become an entrenched feature in this Christian Zambia.
But doing so will be a disservice to myself, the honest and even those who are dishonest. Look at advanced cheating! Yes, in new and old couples, in elections, business, football, church and everywhere else. Then there is pride by those who cheat; they have ornamental titles like spin doctors or strategists. We must all stand up against this situation and call it for its real stinky name, MORAL DECAY. Let there be decency among Zambians.

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