I have not been bought, says Nanjuwa

[By Emelia Phiri in Mumbwa]

MUMBWA member of parliament Credo Nanjuwa has reluctantly refuted allegations that he has been given a contract by the PF worth K14 million kwacha to fund his agro business technology company as an inducement to support Bill 10.

Last week, the Watchdog reported that health minister Chitalu Chilufya claimed that PF had ‘bought’ Nanjuwa to support Constitution (Amendment) Bill No. 10 of 2019 which has been rejected by citizens.

““I have not been bought and I have not been having interaction with Dr Chitalu, there is no business of that magnitude,” he said.

The report alleged that Dr Chilufya had been bragging to the PF insiders that his ministry had given a contract worth K14 million to Agro Business Technology, a company owned by Nanjuwa to supply sprayers to the Malaria Control Centre.

Speaking to journalists, Nanjuwa said it was inappropriate for the Watchdog to ask him to defend himself whether the allegations were true or not.

“I am a citizen of this country and I have been doing business from 1989 and that does not mean that if I have been doing business since, then it must be in a bribe form, no!” he said. “I should have the freedom to do business that I want to do. Even government is not PF alone. Government is the citizens of Zambia and I should be free to do business. I have not done business with the Ministry of Health as at now but if that opportunity arises or I’m given a contract to supply to them, yes I should be able to do that business. So the Watchdog must check their records. I don’t even think it is even correct that Dr Chitalu ever said that as reported in the Watchdog… by lowering himself so low and make an allegation like that. Protect Dr Chitalu and the report is the creation of the Watchdog in the same way they have been creating fake stories about me.”

Nanjuwa said it was not the first time that Watchdog was writing about him.

“Two years ago Watchdog wrote that MPs for UPND in Central Province have been bought by Harry Kalaba to become ambassadors. Did that come to pass, No! Again in August there was a funeral in Nampundwe, the same Watchdog wrote that I have been given $100,000 to support Bill 10. Did that come to pass? Where is the hundred dollars?” he asked. “Now its K14 million.”

Nanjuwa further noted that the people fabricating fake stories should also be mindful of the danger that they were putting him and his family.

He challenged those accusing him to verify if at all there was any cheque payment to his company made by the Ministry of Health.

“People are free to check my personal account if they so wish. If that money is not in my personal account someone can be mischievous and break in my house to attack me and my family,” said Nanjuwa. “What Watchdog is doing is not right. It is poor journalism and whoever is writing for the Watchdog must do the right thing and not out of malice. I have not been bought and I have not been having interaction with Dr Chitalu, there is no business of that magnitude.”

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