We’re facing many economic challenges such as the shortage of food – Wina

VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina has admitted that Zambia is facing many economic challenges such as shortages of food and high cost of mealie-meal and other commodities.

Addressing PF cadres and some UPND defectors at Zimba Boarding Secondary School on Friday, Vice-President Wina said the opposition should not depend on the economic ills of Zambia.

“We know that currently we are facing many economic challenges such as the shortage of food, high prices of mealie-meal, maize and other commodities but I can assure you that before end of this year, most of these will change. So the opposition parties should not depend on the economic ills of the country because they don’t know what will happen in the next few months. Your government is determined to ensure that where there is hunger, we bring food, where there is no water we take water, where there are no schools, we build more schools,” Vice-President Wina said.

She added that the PF had observed that where the people voted for the opposition, there has been very little development at community and individual levels.

“And when a member of the opposition political party tries to work with the PF ministers, this member is disciplined, so how can an opposition political party stop its people from participating in economic development?” Vice-President Wina wondered.

She indicated that she would have liked to see the area member of visiting relief food distribution sites and also visit the FRA in Lusaka to see how maize could be taken to the people.

“But we don’t see, what we’ll see and hear when we go to Parliament is questions being asked why the Vice-President has not taken food…when this information is not coming first hand to me,” she said.

“So that is why in a few months time when we start talking about elections, you should help us find someone who is committed to serve the interest of the people of Zimba to be our member of parliament. We want an MP who will represent everyone in Zimba irrespective of the political party because the MP is a parent of the people of the area,” Vice-President Wina said.

She told the over 40 UPND defectors who joined the PF Wina that there was need to build a one nation based on the motto of One Zambia One Nation.

“All of us come with different skills, talents and this is the only way we can solve the challenges of our country…when I look at the line here, I see a lot of young people and I have the hope that these are the young people who will take Zambia to higher heights,” she said.

And PF member of central committee Kebby Mbewe urged the PF members to embrace the new members
from the UPND.

He said if there were vacancies in the party structures, they should consider appointing any one of the defectors to take up that position.

Zimba district chairman David Mubiana said the UPND defectors were from Kabanga area, east of Zimba.

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