INONGE WINA BEHAVE …like an old woman retiring next year – Livune

KATOMBORA UPND member of parliament Derrick Livune has told Vice-President Inonge Wina to learn to live decently, especially that the octogenarian “has no more future in politics”.

Livune says Vice-President Wina is only wasting taxpayers’ money because her presence wherever she goes produces no impact.

He says Vice-President Wina must retire to the farm where she can live as a mother, probably with decency.
On Friday, PF members in Kazungula complained of hunger to Vice-President Wina, saying they had not received relief food.

The Vice-President, who was on a tour of selected districts in Southern Province, told the PF cadres that they may not see development in their homes and communities because their member of parliament (Livune), who is supposed to work with the government, is not doing so.

Katombora Constituency is in Kazungula district, Southern Province.

“We have a challenge as a government on how to reach you in your homes and communities…That is why I come to ask you that in 2021 you give us our own member of parliament. If we had our own MP, you would have seen development in your personal capacity as well as at community level,” said Vice-President Wina.

Reacting to the Vice-President’s remarks, Livune said the words “yaba (of the) Vice-President are unfortunate.”

“Don’t mince my words; you say that Inonge Wina, as an old woman who has no more future in politics, must learn to be decent. She must learn to be decent; she must never politic over hunger,” Livune told The Mast from Kazungula yesterday.

“The people of Kazungula are hungry! The people of Kazungula have had serious drought – the people of Kazungula have suffered the inconsequential incompetence of government failure to deliver the required farm inputs on time.”
He added that: “I speak right now,” Kazungula farmers were languishing in Livingstone.

“They have failed to swipe on account that government has failed to do their part. And undoubtedly so, this government has failed to supervise the agro dealers in Kalomo, Livingstone, Kazungula. The agro dealers are swindling people and government is watching. One would ask as to whether the government is participating in inflicting pain on the people of Kazungula,” he explained, stressing further that it was undeniable that “the Vice-President and indeed the government of President Lungu has refused to declare hunger as a national disaster.”
Livune noted that he had raised issues where he told Kazungula authorities that Katombora Constituency, with its 14 wards, “does not receive the required amounts of mealie meal to give the hungry people.”

“Today if you go to Kazungula, even the so-called DMMU (Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit)…For example, if I picked Sekute ward; Sekute ward has so many centres. You have Delevu, Kamatanda, Simukombo, Nachilinda, Makunka, Manono,” he said.

“If you get mealie meal and give the people of Simukombo, for example, in your records you are going to write that ‘I gave Sekute ward.’ But you only gave a few people around Simukombo, meanwhile people of Manono, Makunka, Delevu are languishing in hunger!”

The lawmaker emphasised that his constituents were gravely devastated by hungry.
“Even where she (Vice-President Wina) was addressing meetings, people were telling her that they are hungry,” he said.

“Honourable Livune, Hakainde Hichilema, my president, said ‘can you declare hunger a national disaster’ so that an external hand can assist to feed the hungry people…Inonge Wina should not politic! Her district commissioner (Pascalina Musokotwane) knows what is happening on the ground in Kazungula.”

Livune indicated that it was not a member parliament who collected data about the hunger situation in a constituency or district.

“Data collection is done by those people who have been employed to do that. It is only a frivolous government that starts accusing representatives of the people (members of parliament) on its failure to deliver development,” Livune explained.

“In a normal sense, a government can run without civic leaders! We have civil servants on the ground who collect data and send it to the right offices. At what point does the MP come in? An MP, councillor, council chairman come in as watchdogs; we speak where there is inadequacy. If the civil service is kicking correctly, information is going to the relevant offices, the government must respond appropriately.”

He stressed that members of parliament were not involved in the distribution of relief food, let alone in the selection criteria of target areas for relief food distribution.

“Their (government’s) own people, headed by a district commissioner, do that job. So, how then do you accuse a hard-working MP like Livune? That is childish! Elderly people must learn to live decently so that we respect them as they honourably retire from politics,” Livune charged.

“What will she benefit to propagate a non-issue because she does not have any more life in politics. She must retire and go to the farm so that we look after her well. She is our mother and she must live as a mother in a decent manner. She must stop abusing taxpayers’ money! What is she doing going round because there is no impact? Whatever she is going to see around, she has got no money? Her government is broke, is poor – it can’t fund the people.”

He appealed to the people of Kazungula “not to listen to this indolent government.”

“Please, write in Toka-Leya; mu buleya eci ci PF (publicly, this damn PF) mupulu wakapundila (is like a rigid-skinned ox) nouma ciswepu cibwinyuka buyo (even when you whip it, it feels nothing), taceendi kufwambana (it doesn’t move fast enough),” he said.

Bantu balipengede anzala nomuzyaambila zigamine kuzinzilika (people are overwhelmed with hunger but no matter how you talk to them, they simply continue foolishly idling). What government is this itamvwi kwaambilwa bantu nobaambaula (which does not listen to advice, no matter how much?)? Then they want to be accusing people who are nowhere in the equation of delivery!”

He concluded his reaction with the remarks that: “please, tell Mrs Inonge Wina to behave like an old woman who is going to retire next year.”

“Ndili mu (I’m in) Kazungula; right now ndili a (I’m at) Makunka, ndiya ku (I’m going to) Manono. I’m very disappointed with the Vice-President who must behave like an old good woman,” said Livune.

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