MTN launches cheap smartphones

ZAMBIA’S leading network provider MTN yesterday launched two brands of cheap smartphones on the market.

And ZICTA has advised MTN and other network providers to invest in machinery and be able to give good service to their customers.

Speaking during the launch of the Rio 3G and the Dandy 4G handsets in Lusaka, MTN Zambia chief executive officer Bart Hofter said his company hoped to increase the use of smartphones in the country.

“The moment you get your first smartphone in your hands, your life changes…a smartphone gives access to information, access to doing business, gives financial inclusion also access to education and social media,” said Hofter.

“When we talk about bridging the digital divide, this is what we mean – martphone users, data users then you bridge the digital divide. This is the digital transformation bringing 30 per cent penetration of smartphones to maybe 45 per cent this year, that is our combined together with the government, objective. Why doesn’t everyone have a smartphone? The main barrier is the price of the smart phone. It is just too expensive.”

ZICTA CEO Patrick Mutimushi implored service providers to invest in machinery to up their service delivery.

“Thumbs up to MTN for providing a mobile phone which is smart and yet costs reasonably.
Allow me to emphasise the need for service providers to take keen interest in investing in their networks and machinery if they are to provide the expected products and services without compromising the quality of service being offered,” said Mutimushi.

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