PF is a paper Tiger – Akafumba

NATIONAL Democratic Congress vice-president Josephs Akafumba (r) says the Chilubi parliamentary by-election has exposed the PF to be paper Tiger.

In an interview over unprecedented electoral malpractices ahead of the February 13 Chilubi Constituency by-election, Akafumba said PF members have been on roof tops claiming that theirs was the most popular party to have ruled Zambia since 1964.

He however, said their desperation and fear of the opposition had been laid bare.

“They have claimed that they have built standard roads, clinics, hospitals and have even built bridges where there are no rivers making it a party of choice, now and in 2021. However, the happenings in Chilubi has now shown that the party is on its way out,” Akafumba said. “It looks like, it looks tired and needs to be retired. They are ready to hang on any thread just to appear normal. How on earth can a popular party engage in daylight corruption without shame? By taking three ambulances to Chilubi where there is a by-election when elsewhere there are clinics and hospitals which have no ambulances, they have taken bags of mealie-meal just to bribe voters, they are dishing out money on an industrial scale never seen in this country….”

He said with all the schemes to disadvantage the opposition it appears that it should only be the PF that should be seen and heard.

“They are doing this just to ensure that other political players are excluded, what a shame. They have instructed Zampost to hike fees up to about K10,000 for a vehicle to cross to the island, hired all the lodges and hired all private vehicles and in an even that one wants to take his private vehicle to cross to the island then they will be dealt with by the marines that the PF have deployed there,” Akafumba said.

He said with the PF it should be a win at all costs.

Akafumba said the only consolation was that all those schemes were kicks of a dying horse.

“We saw it in 2011 by the MMD and we are here to tell the story. There are times when I think that if it can take the PF to suspend the national constitution just to declare themselves winners in 2021, they can gladly do so. The people of Chilubi know very well that their poverty, their misery, joblessness, hunger and disease are all caused by mismanagement of the economy by the PF,” he said.

Akafumba warned that the Zambians were too smart for the conspiracies.

He urged the people of Chilubi to turn up in numbers, get the mealie-meal that the PF are distributing, get the Chitenges, the money and anything that the PF have brought but teach them a lesson on the ballot.

“By bribing the PF are telling the people of Chilubi that they can bring all the hunger and disease to them then just come and bribe them with Chitenges and the people will vote for PF. To this, the people of Chilubi must say no, and say no in big numbers by voting for the NDC which is a party of choice set to liberate them from the brutal regime of the PF,” said Akafumba.

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