Police gun down suspect in Chingola

POLICE in Chingola have gunned down one person suspected of spraying unknown chemicals in people’s houses.

Deputy inspector general of police operations Bonny Kapeso briefed journalists over the suspected “ritual killings” at Chingola Central Police.

Kapeso said the suspect was found with bottles containing some unknown liquid.

He said the suspect failed to stop after officers fired warning shot from a distance which led them shooting him in the leg.

Kapeso said the suspect died due to severe bleeding from the gun wound and his body was deposited in Chingola District Hospital Mortuary.

“Just after midnight, our officers on patrol came across one person who was sported carrying a bag and the officers challenged him but when he saw that they were officers, he threw the bag. He abandoned the bag and took to his heels. Obviously, procedurally, the officers gave a warning shot for him to know that these are police officers,” Kapeso narrated.

“Despite the warning, he would not heed to the warning and officers obviously when the officers saw that he was running, we suspected that he was running away from something. Officers now had to use the firearm that we have been given to use after he failed to heed to the warning shot. Officers had no other options other than disable him. They shot him straight in the leg. Apparently, there was too much blood outflow from the body.”

He said when the suspects fell down, officers searched the bag and found the suspicious substances.

Kapeso said the bottles of unknown substance would be subjected to laboratory tests to certain the contents.

“When the police officers opened the bag and they found that one of the things that were inside is this mineral water bottle which should have been empty by now. I don’t know up to now what this substance is. And we are told that people are using unknown substances with different chemicals and our officers upon founding this, we are sufficiently convinced that he would be one of those suspects,” he said.

Kapeso said with the current happenings in Chingola, he do not expect people moving carelessly at night with substances.

He warned that police had adopted foot patrols to help them get information on time.

“If you continue spraying people these things, as we have warned you, we warn you to stop, we will also spray you with our chemicals, so that we send a proper message to our people that we do not want people to move carelessly in this situation.”

Kapeso said the case of ‘unknown chemical spray’ had reduced as of yesterday with only seven cases being recorded.

“I am glad to confirm that as at 06:00 hours this (yesterday) morning the figures are reducing. We had started with 80 houses five days ago. By yesterday [Sunday] we had 15 houses that were affected and today as at 06:00 hours only seven house were affected. Seven house were sprayed and the number of people, about 30 were affected and were attended to by the medical officers and they have since been discharged,” he said.

“Our good story is that people are hearing the message. It is battle, of course, but we want to warn people that we avoid any suspicious items when the police officers are on patrol because we may loss life even when you are carrying something genuine. So that is the warning to the members of the public.”

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