Brace yourselves for more violence as we approach August 12, 2021

If they can assault their own fellow party member, a councillor, an information and publicity secretary of their party, how are they expected to be peaceful with an opposition member?

There’s no doubt the Patriotic Front is the most violent political party in Zambia.
It is a party where key leaders are the ones inciting violence. They pay cadres to engage in violence while they are watching from a safe distance.

Not only the police dare stop their violence against each other.
And this is what the story of Eastern Province Patriotic Front information and publicity secretary William Phiri confirms. William was assaulted by party members just days after suggesting that the ruling party needed the help of former members.

Just over a week ago, William appealed to Edgar Lungu to bring Lameck Mangani back in the party’s political system. He warned that the political landscape in the province was not okay.
“Let’s not beat about the bush. We need help,” said William.

But on Wednesday last week, William, who is also a Patriotic Front councillor for Kanjala ward in Chipata Central Constituency, was beaten by fellow party youths at Eliboma Lodge soon after attending the funeral of chief Nyamphande in Petauke on Wednesday.

According William, a gang of about 30 Patriotic Front cadres, whom he claimed were sponsored by Eastern Province Patriotic Front chairman Andrew Lubusha and his provincial youth chairman Emmanuel Banda, kicked and punched him while others used huge sticks.

William was only rescued from the violent attack by other guests at the lodge who witnessed the incident.
He sustained injuries to the chest, head and elbow, according to a medical report obtained from Petauke District Hospital.

The people behind William’s attack are known but so far no arrests have been made. Why?
Imagine how swiftly they would be arrested if they were opposition cadres or leaders!
This is the impunity Patriotic Front cadres and leaders enjoy when they are seen to be on the side of Edgar!
Where will this lawlessness take our country?

And Patriotic Front, without shame, can stand up and talk about peace! What peace?
It seems peace has a different meaning to Patriotic Front leaders and cadres.
The opposition and the people of Zambia should brace themselves for more violence as we approach August 12, 2021.

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