Release Bishop Kahila in Jesus name, pleads Mambo

LIFE Gospel Fellowship Overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila of Chingola has spent four days in police cells without a charge.

Bishop Kazhila was picked and detained by Chingola police on Thursday for speaking out on the alleged killings and subsequent riots in the Copperbelt town when he was hosted on a local radio station.

Bishop Kazhila attributed the happenings in Chingola to human blood sacrifices for political gain.

He noted that such suspicious things were happening every time Zambia was heading toward general elections.

“This is my opinion; I may be wrong, I may be right but if I observe on the past elections, every time we are toward general elections, there is human blood sacrifices. So I may be wrong, I may be right. And my opinion is that this problem is a political problem and I am so convinced as Joseph Shepard Kazhila that this is politics. Now, if it’s politics, for how long as a people are we going to tolerate this? People who are killing us. Who are spraying gases! I don’t know what kind of gases. Why I am saying this can be politics? It can be economic or what?” Bishop Kazhila said on the live radio programme.

“These children who have joined in this satanic behaviour, started long time to be reported about, because they are many now. I don’t think that they have just started now, people have woken up and start doing what they are doing. This thing must have been a long term scheme and plan. And they’re now just effecting it. Because we hear in the satanic world, if people go to pray to Satan, he gives them conditions, especially when they are looking for political power or for business and other things. They are told to bring human blood, about 200 litres or kill about 50 or 20 people for you to become a councillor or MP or whatever. Others are told to sleep in the graveyards but to bath in different charms.”

And Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has called for Bishop Kazhila’s immediate release.

Bishop Mambo said the continued detention of the clergyman was not a solution to the problems the people of Chingola were facing.

He said Bishop Kazhila was a genuine man of God who should be respected.

“I am demanding for the immediate release of the clergy. Bishop Kazhila is a renowned clergyman in Chingola. Some one that we all know but because he is not in political power, he is in the power of God, that is supposed to govern the nation for peace and prosperity that we are enjoying,” Bishop Mambo said.

“Please release Bishop Kazhila, and his children in the name of Jesus…. Why arresting him with the children? What was wrong with the children? It is a big embarrassment for the people to behave like this in a Christian nation.”
Bishop Mambo further wondered why national guidance and religious affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has kept quiet when the bishop has been been kept in custody.

He said Rev. Sumaili must remove the hat of politics and religiously give guidance to the government.

Bishop Mambo said much was expected from the minister’s office, than the politics she was playing.

“Zambia has been declared as a Christian nation but we keep on contradicting ourselves. Where is the Minister of Guidance and Religious Affairs in all these things? Rev. Sumaili should be in the forefront advising the President to release this man. Did he says that there is a ritual killing? No. Bishop Kazhila was simply advising government and the people of Chingola on what is going on,” said Bishop Mambo.

“You have declared Zambia as a Christian nation; meaning God first. But if you are giving him bouncing a cheque by making a mockery of him by arresting his ambassador… Kazhila is an ambassador of God in Zambia.”

Meanwhile, Copperbelt deputy police commissioner Mutaba Wamunyima confirmed that Bishop Kazhila was still in custody.

The police chief, however, was quick to indicate that he was unaware of the charge slapped on Bishop Kazhila.
Wamunyima said he was attending a meeting, by press time.

When pressed to give the update on what was going on in Chingola, Wamunyima responded that he did not have anything but that he would only give an update once out of the meeting he was attending.

“Sir, I’m in the meeting currently. I have to find out from the officers…Yes, he’s in custody,” said Wamunyima.

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