‘Wayward’ Nakacinda had a poor upbringing – MMD

RAPHAEL Nakacinda is a naughty individual lacking proper upbringing, says MMD spokesperson Cephas Mukuka.

He says as an expelled member of the opposition MMD,
Nakacinda has no jurisdiction in the party to give advice or direct MMD members of parliament on what to support in the House.

“The MMD is shocked with PF-nominated MP Mr Raphael Nakacinda’s sentiments where he has directed our members of parliament to support the [Constitution (Amendment)] Bill No. 10 [of 2019],” Dr Mukuka said.

“Raphael Nakacinda is not and has never been the national secretary of the MMD. Judge Sharon Newa’s landmark judgement of November 5 cleared that grey area and went a step further by affirming that Nakacinda remains an expelled member of the MMD.”

He said Nakacinda’s directives to “our members of parliament” are not only demeaning but also insulting because he had no right to advise or direct MMD MPs.

“We believe that people who are elected on the MMD ticket are honourable and deserve to be respected,” Dr Mukuka said.

He said Nakacinda did not know how to respect and honour elected members of parliament.

“He is a wayward individual who has had a poor upbringing. He lacks basic education and he also lacks minimum morality. We are not surprised that in his little wisdom, ordering elected members including the Deputy Speaker publicly is a show of how high he has climbed in society!” said Dr Mukuka. “We would like to call upon the MMD general membership, the public and the media community to ignore Raphael Nakacinda with his continuous failed PR stunts.”

Last November, Lusaka High Court judge Newa declared Nevers Mumba as the rightful leader of the MMD.

Nakacinda, who was national secretary of the rival Felix Mutati faction, however appealed the court’s judgment.

And last week, Nakacinda held a meeting in Luangwa with MMD officials where he directed all MMD members of parliament including Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala to support Bill 10 which has been widely condemned as a tool the ruling PF wants to use to hang on to power.

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