Bishop Kazhila pleads not guilty to sedition

LIFE Gospel Ministries International general overseer Joseph Kazhila has pleaded not guilty to one count of seditious intentions.

Bishop Kazhila, 61 was arrested on January 24 for seditious intentions.

Particulars of the offence are that Bishop Kazhila, of plot number 4471B Riverside, did incite violence when he called on residents of Chingola on a local radio station to arm and defend themselves against ritual killers.

He was picked up from the radio station by police and had since been in custody.

Bishop Kazhila appeared before the Chingola Magistrates’ Court yesterday and granted K5,000 bail.

Chingola resident magistrate Stephen Mabona adjourned the matter to February 7 for commencement of trial.

Hundreds of Chingola residents thronged the court under the presence of armed police.

On Tuesday, the Human Rights Commission condemned the continued detention of Bishop Kazhila.

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