In 2021, let’s choose new leaders, not old ones, no – Kapoche headman

A TRADITIONAL leader in Sinda’s Kapoche Constituency has asked people to change leadership in 2021 if their problems are to be addressed.

In a press statement, Nyamtuma village headman Phackson Njobvu said the people should choose new leaders to address their problems.

He explained that for many years Kapoche has been neglected and needs serious people who could adopt Kapoche for development.

“I ask people of Kapoche that in 2021 let’s go and choose people who will listen to our cries, to our problems because we are suffering as our MP is not seen, our councillor is not seen, our provincial minister does not come to see our problems and the DC also is busy, so who will address our problems?” he stated.

“So in 2021, let’s go and choose new leaders and not old ones, no! Let’s go for new ones because the old ones have failed us so that maybe our problems can be resolved.”

Njobvu lamented that the PF government was good at making promises but very difficult to fulfill them as mostly what was said does not come to pass.

“There are a lot of things which our friends in government promise but it’s difficult to be fulfilled; look, from the time social cash transfer stopped, old people have suffered to hell and the children they educated can’t render help to them since they are not employed. Now can poverty end like this? Here, in 2017, they promised that Nyamtuma clinic will be opened, Nyamtuma school will be connected to power grid, roads will be worked on but to date nothing has been done at all. Can we say things are happening?” he asked.

Njobvu said people are truly suffering from hunger but no one was coming to their aid just because they were not taken serious.

He has asked government to be open to people, especially the aged to tell them if the project had failed.

He has asked the government to fulfill promises if it wants to be trusted in 2021 failure to which people would remove it.

“Let government put a hand on things it promised because 2021 is peeping and if this year (2020) things are not worked on, then it will look like in 2021 government has been removed yet it has removed itself due to failure of the promises…” explained Njobvu.

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