Football isn’t politics – Kamanga

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia president Andrew Kamanga has advised members to avoid rushing to sports minister before seeking solutions under their constitutional provisions.

Featuring on SuperSport’s Soccer Africa Programme on Thursday night ahead of today’s EGM, Kamanga said people jeopardise provisions of the FAZ constitution by rushing to see the minister.

He said it was unfortunate that some FAZ members found it easier to seek football solutions from politicians.

“We also have a constitution as FAZ. [What] we have noted with grave concern is that some members of FAZ have a tendency of going to the minister to seek solutions and yet they ignore totally the provisions that we have in our statutes,” Kamanga said. “So it becomes a bit of a challenge that in between people are going to the minister and they are overlooking our own statutes. From that perspective it is important that we remain consistent with the requirements of our statutes.”

He added that every member of FAZ is free to propose any amendments.

However, Kamanga said if those proposals are being promulgated elsewhere, it becomes a challenge because “as you know football is a rule-based game”.

“We all have to follow the rules. We have got guidance, FIFA has a clear guidance on independence, and any third party intervention is frowned upon,” he said.

The FAZ chief lamented that some football members ignored FAZ statutes in seeking solutions to their grievances.

“What has basically happened is that there could be members who think they could get quick action if they go the political route which obviously as you know football is not politics, we have got our own rules,” said Kamanga. “If people are going to rely on the political advantage, then clearly that is what seems to cause that discomfort.”

FAZ is today scheduled to hold an emergency ordinary general meeting to approve the roadmap for the March 2020 elective congress.

The March 2020 elections will be held under the FIFA-aligned constitution.

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