Silumbe pledges to severely punish corruption, tribalism and superstition

THE Leadership Movement says 2021 will mark the end of the old Zambia and the beginning of a new one.

Party president Richard Silumbe, in a statement, said in 2021 Zambia would become a truly Christian nation.

“Corruption would have died, tribalism would have deceased, and superstition would have been the thing of the past! It will be a Zambia of achievements; it will be a Zambia of greatness! These three giant triplets of evil: corruption, tribalism, and superstition which have inflicted pain in our nation, will be severely punished in 2021! They will fall in the same category as defilement. So the punishment applied to a person who defiles a child will also be applied to somebody found guilty of corruption or tribalism or superstition,” he stated.

“Now this will be called defilement of the state, and it shall call for a sentence of a maximum of 37 years imprisonment! The punishment will be so severe that nobody will dare play with evil in the 21st century government, come 2021. Nobody will dare deep his/her hands in public coffers or pocket public funds, and expect to walk freely in the streets to see the sun. Nobody will discriminate or deny a competent Zambian an opportunity because of tribe, and expect to enjoy freedom in Zambia! Anybody found with ornaments that depict witchcraft or satanism or found to be superstitious in any way or found worshiping the devil in a Christian nation will face the wrath of the 21st century government in 2021.”

He stated that it would be a Zambia where people shall dream of great things.

Meanwhile, Dr Silumbe stated that it was very disappointing that vulnerable groups, under the social cash transfer, had not been paid for seven months.

Dr Silumbe stated that come 2021, the LM would pay social cash transfer to widows, people with disabilities and orphans on time.

“As stated in our party manifesto: LM will work tirelessly and unrestingly to ensure that that vulnerable person is not left behind. No orphan will be left to walk the street in search of food. No widow will be left alone to fend to her family. The Leadership Movement will be a government that will feed the hungry, that will comfort those who are widowed and provide shelter to the homeless,” he said.

Dr Silumbe stated that said social protection under LM would be guided by the transparency and accountability approach.

He stated that the party would use the social cash transfer to reduce poverty at household levels in rural and pre-urban areas.

Dr Silumbe stated that the party would increase social cash transfer from the current K240 to K1,000 per month.

“And for Leadership Movement we have a plan on how to manage social cash transfer using the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 17 ‘Partnership for Goals’ and in doing this LM shall not work in isolation but we shall engage the private sector, diplomatic community, the Church, local well-wishers and donors,” he stated.

Dr stated that the Leadership Movement’s social protection programmes would target all the 10 provinces in 2021.

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