Those thinking Kapoche is easy to grab will be surprised – PF

SINDA PF youth chairperson Pingilani Banda says the party is not ashamed to point at the developments done in Kapoche Constituency under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu and member of parliament Charles Banda.

In a press statement, Banda said those that say Kapoche has not been developed were liars who have nothing to say.

“We are hearing them, those who make noise. Let them keep talking while we are working. We have no time to respond to their allegations as they waste our time to finish our targets before the year of elections but I can assure you that those who think Kapoche Constituency will be easy to take will be surprised,” he stated. “We have tangible developments which we have done, which they see but they don’t want to believe that we have done them.”

Banda stated that currently most bridges under rehabilitation from K350,000 released by government were almost complete.

“You heard that government gave us K350,000 to work on four bridges. We are almost finishing such that any day vehicles, motorbikes even trucks will be able to use these bridges without a problem. Is that not development? Don’t they see the boreholes we have dug? Don’t they see the mobile towers erected in various chiefdoms? If they think we are asleep then let them wake up because it’s them who are asleep,” Banda stated. “We don’t sleep, we are busy working in relation to the promises we made during 2016 campaigns.”

Banda stated that if there was a member of parliament committed to duty in the constituency, it was Dr Banda.

He stated that even if he was not physically present, things were moving.

Banda stated that those aspiring to stand in Kapoche in 2021 should be strong enough because the community, who see the work by the PF and its leadership, would refute their claims of it being undeveloped.

He also said the bridges project engaged local youths so that they were kept busy.

“If you go round, you will find the faces of the people within those areas because the projects had to benefit them too. So most youths who work in these bridges are locals and the council comes in to supervise the works,” Banda stated. “So we are on top of things and our quietness doesn’t mean we are not existing. The party in Kapoche is strong ili ndundu kwakuti wina akalimbe ngati afuna ulamuliro but pakali pano anthu amkapoche afuna PF ndi adzisogoleri aoooo (whoever is interested in Kapoche should be strong because at the moment people want PF and its leaders).”

He called on people of Kapoche to be of one heart and avoid being misled by those who are aspiring for the seat.

Meanwhile, district vice treasurer Reuben Zulu said under PF, development was visible and that people should give the ruling party another mandate in 2021 for it to complete is projects and do more in relation to what the people need.

He said the work which was done at Kapungwe bridge is so overwhelming because in the past, the stream was a threat to school going children.

“If you visit Kapungwe bridge you will be shocked at what it is now such that if it’s those that know how dangerous the place was will just hold their mouth in surprise and wonder. This is just part of the visible fruits of the PF government in Kapoche under Dr Charles Banda” said Zulu.

Last month, government released K350,000 to work on Chingombe bridge at a cost of K100,000 Chamakubi bridge K100,000, Matambazi bridge K100,000 and Kapungwe bridge K50,000.

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