Zambians must demand equality for all – Ngosa

WE need to relook at the way we do things and put people at the centre of development, says Norwegian Church Aid senior programmes coordinator Felix Ngosa.

In an interview during the commemoration of the Global Week of Action in Nampundwe, Ngosa said Zambians must stand up and demand equality for all.

He said every Zambian deserves the best from their country.

Ngosa said Zambia had abundant resources but there was an issue of the mismanagement of both natural and financial resources.

“But also I think we have reached a point where there is so much greed among our leaders where people are just concerned about their pockets at the expense of our people. So a lot of our current crop of leadership is a leadership that do not care about the needs of the people. This is a country with copper, trees and we have water and yet we have people who are living on less than a dollar a day! And this is the biggest problem, mismanagement and the issue of greed, corruption among our leaders that we have entrusted to lead this country,” he said. “I think we need at relook and rethink about the way we look at things. The government needs to seriously look at the distribution of resources to those that need them most. We know the privileges that politicians and senior government officials have yet when Zambians go to the hospital they don’t find a single panadol. So we need to relook at the way we do things and put people at the centre of development.”

Ngosa explained that the Norwegian Church Aid was an organistion, which has a focus on gender and economic justice.

“So we are here supporting the Fighting Inequality Alliance as our partner. NCA works with the local partners so FIA is a global movement that NCA is a member of and a steering committee member at the global steering committee and also in Zambia we are a member of the Zambia Fighting Inequality Alliance. We are providing technical and financial support for them to carry out the works they are doing. So this is one of the first activities we are doing in the year with the Alliance because this is tied to the Global Economic Forum that is happening in Geneva where our leaders sit and talk about economies of the world,” Ngosa said.

“The idea of the Week of Action and the protest that we do in more than 30 countries that this is happening, is to alert our leaders and governments that economics is not just about figures, it’s about the people. So we select every year different locations mostly in rural areas where we highlight inequality among the people. Here we have provided a jumping castle for the children just to give the children an opportunity that some of the rich children have. These privileges should be for everyone.”

Ngosa said the protest also took place in Chipata, Copperbelt, Western and Northern provinces.

He said leaders should not just talk about inflation and gross domestic product (GDP) without the people at the centre of the conversation of development.

“So that is the reason why we are doing this to seek justice for the people of Zambia,” said Ngosa.

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