Govt should ensure even distribution of resources – Mwilima

THE government should ensure that resources are distributed evenly and not just equally but also equitably, says Fight Inequality Alliance in Zambia.

In an interview during the commemoration of the Global Week of Action in Nampundwe, national coordinator Daisy Mwilima said the government should put up deliberate policies to ensure that everyone gets a piece of the national cake and develops at the same pace.

The commemoration of the Global Week of Action is held alongside the World Economic Forum.

“The reason why we always have the global protest to fight inequality every other year is because we want to show the one per cent and the elite that are gathered at the World Economic Forum that ‘look, the solutions are found with the people and not necessarily among the rich people’. And this year we decided to come to Nampundwe which is in Shibuyinji district, a few kilometres from Lusaka. It takes more than two hours to get here because the road is bad,” she said.

Mwilima said while people in Lusaka get township roads and flyovers, the people on the periphery of the city were not getting anything.

“And this is why we want to speak to as many people as possible and show them that the bulk of inequality falls on the shoulders …of especially women and young people themselves when we have all these unequally distribution of resources. You find young people don’t have access to jobs, businesses because most of the areas here don’t even have electricity and they can’t even have small jobs like welding or printing,” she said. “But also for women, because of the road, when do they take their produce to the market for sell? They have to fetch water from faraway places. They need to pay their children’s school fees.”

Mwilima said her organisation would comntinue to highlight these inequalities.

She said there was inequality in Zambia because resources were not distributed evenly.

Mwilima said the haves continue to have and have-nots continue not to have anything.

“So we are in a crisis. The gap between the rich and poor is continuously widening and right now we are at the top of the list of the most unequal countries in the world and that shouldn’t be the case because a few years ago we were just in the middle but we shouldn’t be going up. The government should ensure that resources are distributed evenly, not just equally but equitably, so that where there is really nothing, we pump in more resources and where there is something we pump in less so that everyone gets a piece of the cake because at the end of the day whether I live in Nampundwe or Shangombo or Lusaka, we all pay tax so how do we ensure that resources are distributed evenly?” she said.

“And the government puts up deliberate policies to ensure that everyone gets a piece of the cake and we develop at the same pace and we don’t have the same people amassing wealth while others go hungry. Distributing farming inputs on time is very important, giving retirees their dues on time is very important because as long as they are hungry, their children will not go to school and poverty will remain in that family over generations.”

Mwilima said the government needs to tax the rich more than the poor.

She said big corporations should not be getting tax holidays while a small business starts to pay taxes before they can even completely set up.

Mwilima said the continuous increase of taxes and prices of commodities was also contributing to widening the Inequality gap.

She called on everyone to join the fight.

“We need to speak to people power. The power of the people is way stronger that the people in power so how do we come together to ensure everyone is speaking? MPs should join to ensure there is equality because they were sent to parliament to represent us,” said Mwilima.

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