Freezing 453 teaching positions in W/Province is administrative taboo, says NAQEZ

THE National Action for Quality Education in Zambia says the freezing of 453 teaching positions in Western Province is an administrative taboo.

Executive director Aaron Chansa said the revelations by Stanley Mhango, the chairperson of the Teaching Service Commission, to the effect that 453 teaching positions in Western Province have been frozen, could perfectly be described as administrative taboo.

Chansa said NAQEZ finds it significantly odd that senior education officers in Western Province could be this inefficient to an extent of failing to simply fill positions that fell vacant.

“NAQEZ totally agrees with the Teaching Service Commission that this kind of open maladministration must be duly punished. This is administrative negligence of highest magnitude and total failure of leadership in the province,” he stated.

“Due to this inefficiency in running education institutions and managing teaching staff in Western Province, most teachers in the region have become disoriented. And if nothing is urgently done to lift the morale of the teachers, the performance of learners in this province will greatly be affected.”

Chansa stated that NAQEZ strongly suspects that what happened in Western could also be happening in other provinces.

He encouraged the Teaching Service Commission to extend investigations to other provinces.

“As an organisation, we feel that the TSC has not been able to effectively function because it has over-delegated its statutory functions to the Ministry of General Education. Going forward, we propose radical reforms in the running of the Teaching Service Commission, in order for this governmental body to effectively carry out its human resource functions in education,” he stated.

“One thing which must quickly be done is for the entire Human Resource Department in the Ministry of General Education to be under the Teaching Service Commission. If this change will not be effected, we can guarantee that the commission will continue blaming HR officers who are currently under the Ministry of General Education for acute failures. We need a Teaching Service Commission which will promptly handle the welfare of teachers in Zambia. We are tired of having teachers who act in substantive positions even for more than eight years; others are retiring in acting capacities.”

Speaking when he closed the TSC Fast Track Sitting on Saturday in Mongu, Western Province, M’hango disclosed that 453 positions in Western Province had been frozen due to the inefficiencies of those tasked to process HR cases for teachers on time.

He wondered why senior education managers in the region failed to fill the vacant positions within the stipulated time-frame of 12 months, stating that payroll positions automatically freeze after 12 months of being vacant.

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