Nothing will stop me, declares Siwale

[By Bright Tembo]

BLACKWELL Siwale says nothing will stand in his way and stop him to stand for FAZ president come next month elections.

Siwale, who is banned from football related activities) has maintained that he has not done anything wrong that could stop him from participating in the FAZ elections.

“I have a lot of issues on the EGM.The councillors adopted a document whose sight I have not seen but simply says ‘integrity test’. What is in that integrity test? Suppose they say ‘Siwale you are a criminal, you were jailed and you can’t vie for a post’, we don’t know the content, it should have been circulated and debated, that’s the challenge I have,” he said.

“I have never been convicted as a criminal, I have never been. Two issues arise here; I was accused of failure to account for money for ticket sales and expelled from the council because I didn’t exculpate myself and the purported ban is that I circulated illegally obtained documents. Who gave me the documents? I’m as pure as Kafue water and I am as clean as Zambezi water, no one has convicted me on any crime, nobody.”

Siwale charged that the emergency meeting was attended by councillors who were not eligible to attend.

“I have a problem with the EGM that took place; why do I say so? We had 42 members that where not supposed to be in the that meeting. Article 20 of the FAZ constitution says the elections in regions shall be conducted by the election committee and people that came for the meeting from the regions or the ten provinces were those that were appointed or selected as a result of the (FAZ) president, vice-president, the secretarial staff, holding meetings and distributing kits, they don’t have the mandate to select people who will go for an AGM,” he said.

“The electoral code should have been circulated to the regions long before the selection of people who were going to attend the EGM. I will tell you this is how many councillors from regions and provinces understand what was adopted; some haven’t had sight of it, some have just heard, they don’t know what’s in there. The challenge that I have is that we have super league teams that were in there and the code that they passed actually affects them. Here is one scenario in the preamble of that document [which] says government will have no part to play in the election process of the AGM. Now my worry is here is Green Buffaloes, here is Zanaco, here is Zesco, here is Red Arrows, here is Nkwazi, here is Napsa, where does it leave them? They are sponsored by government, then government should stop sponsoring them or they should pull out and say they can’t participate in an election where government who is our sponsor is not part of the elections.”

Siwale said the other issue was that the electoral code that was passed was a constitution matter, which is passed through voting and not by adopting it by raising hands.

He said these issues should have been decided through voting.

“The (FAZ) constitution says 50 per cent of people should agree but by raising hands, how would you know because others would have gone to buy food? What about those who would visit the bathroom? These are issues am talking about,” said Siwale.

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