WE’RE NOT BLOOD THIRSTY…as others happy to shed it during polls – HH

WE are not blood thirsty as others to be happy seeing our people shedding blood when its time to choose who they want to lead them, says Hakainde Hichilema.

On arrival in Matipa area of Bulilo ward in Chilubi Constituency of Northern province on Thursday, Hichilema also said the Island is lagging behi9nd in terms of development.

“We traveled the whole night and faced numerous searches from the police on our way. We are thankful to you for your prayers and traveling mercies from God Almighty,” Hichilema said.

“We are grateful to the people of Matipa area for receiving us as early as 05:00 hours today. The police approved our programme and we will go by that but we are not blood thirsty as others to be happy seeing our people shedding blood when its time to choose who they want to lead them,” Hichilema said.

“One thing clear is that people want change and development, not hate speeches. We encouraged our people to remain strong and not allow dictators determine the future of our country.”

Hichilema was in the area to drum support for the UPND parliamentary candidate Stanislaus Chele in the by-election slated for February 13, 2020.

And Hichilema applauding the UPND councillor in Chilubi Albert Lwanga.

Hichilema said in 2016 his party won Bulilo ward and they told the councillor, Albert Lwanga, to remain strong and not accept to be swayed or discouraged by those spewing hate speeches.

“Our councillor, together with the area parliamentary candidate, Stanislaus Chele, have held the people together, under very difficult circumstances and this is because they believe that Hope and Help is coming,” Hichilema said.

“Chilubi is lagging behind in terms of development; deplorable roads, no health and education facilities and above all economic challenges that affect all our people here.”

Hichilema said he had assured party ward officials through its councillor that “we are almost there and will turn around this area’s and our country’s economic development.”

He said hope and help was coming to Chilubi because “we are one Zambia, one Nation and one people created in the image of God.”

Hichilema yesterday paid a courtesy call on chief Chiwanangala of the Bemba speaking people of Chilubi district, who re-echoed emphasized that “we are one people and we must live in harmony”.

Welcoming Hichilema, chief Chiwanangala said people want development and not hate speeches and stopping other citizens from going to certain parts of the country.

“He also gave us fatherly advice that we need to fulfill our promises of development once elected into office in 2021 adding that failure to do so, our masters, the voters, will show us the exit door. He also informed us that he encouraged our councillor in Chilubi not to defect but remain strong as he is the one who was duly elected by the majority on the UPND ticket,” Hichilema reported after the courtesy call.
Hichilema said when when in government, he would work with all traditional leaders.

“And to illustrate this, we have told our candidate Stanislaus Chele that when he wins, he must start work. Ours is to unite and develop our country and not preaching tribalism when people are going hungry and are jobless regardless. Since when has tribe ever built a hospital?” Hichilema asked.

“While they [apparently referring to the PF of President Edgar Lungu] bring hunger, joblessness and tribalism, we bring Hope and Help to the table.”

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