Honouring our unsung heroes

It is time to acknowledge and honour the unsung heroes of our homeland.

Thousands gave their lives in defence of our homeland, our dignity, but unfortunately they never get talked about.

It was to resurrect their contribution and devotion to the defence of our land, minerals and dignity that we join the work towards the revival of these lost heroes.

There’s need to present the lives of these heroes to our people who are unaware of them and the sacrifices that they made. There’s need to instill some knowledge about those heroes who haven’t got any credit for their bravery.

And commemorating the day – February 5 – on which commander of the Ngoni warriors, Nsingu, was executed, Dr Fred M’membe aptly summed up the case for honouring our unsung heroes: “Today we pay special tribute to Commander Nsingu and the not less than 10,000 young Ngoni warriors who died in the Cipeta area between December 1897 and February 5, 1898 defending our land, our minerals and our dignity. Our people admire heroism.

Today it is exactly 122 years since Commander Nsingu was executed at dawn and in front of his lieutenants by Cecil John Rhodes’ forces. Rather than being forgotten with the passing of the years, his name, his exemplary life, his selflessness, and his heroism is remembered by us today. We see him live again, we note his presence in the work of the Socialist Party: above all he remains alive in our consciousness and hearts. On days such as this we remember more than those who died fighting alongside Commander Nsingu; we remember all those who gave their lives for our country.

This celebration is like a synthesis of our people’s glorious history, a history written with great sacrifices and the loss of many valuable lives and much blood. And one day we will erect a monument to the memory of Commander Nsingu and those young heroic warriors. But the most important monument we can erect in their honour is to give expression to the humane values that they lived and defended to the death. That was a glorious page in the history of our homeland and it can be said that those men were the precursors of our struggles against capitalism and its colonialism. Eternal glory to Commander Nsingu and to all the heroes who died in the war against Cecil Rhodes’ capitalist plunder and subjugation and to all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to our homeland.”

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