DAY OF TRIAL IS COMING …compromised politicians, ‘Christians’ may enjoy short-lived happiness by deceiving man – Sejani

FORMER Mapatizya member of parliament Ackson Sejani has branded those who shout “Lord, Lord” while stealing, maiming and killing innocent people as ‘Christians for rent’.

Sejani says general neglect of the welfare of the people will not make one enter the kingdom of heaven. 

He charged that there were hypocrites, especially in the government, “who will tell our clergy not to get involved in politics while they are busy renting the compromised fringe to do just that.” 

“These politicians will accuse any clergy standing on behalf of the people as belonging to the opposition. They are hypocrites who have no moral right to even pretend to be defenders of the Christian faith,” he noted.

“If it was not possible for Jesus to strike a compromise with Satan, how can some of our brothers and sisters today manage to remain silent in the face of injustice and corruption, the type of silence that amounts to collusion with exploitative forces?”
Sejani cautioned compromised politicians and Christians that the day of trial and judgment was coming. 
“This trial will be fair, not rigged, or curtailed after 14 days and it will be heard. On that day we will hear that the Son of man was hungry but we never gave Him food; He was sick but never cared for Him, was in prison [but we] never visited Him. We stole and engaged in corruption to the detriment of the Son of man,” Sejani said. “Foolish politicians and their allied forces will then ask – ‘but Lord we never saw you!’  The Lord will tell them the following: ‘that which you did against the least of My people you did against Me. These will then be driven away to be burnt! We may enjoy short-lived happiness by deceiving man but the Almighty has an accurate account of all our deeds and misdeeds, even the most hidden ones.”

He said the Christian faith had been invaded by political and religious charlatans: “who have forged an unholy alliance in pursuit of their agenda.”

“On one hand you have politicians who are presiding over a system based on corruption, violence, injustice, immorality and greed with very little regard for the welfare of the people except in by-elections,” he said in an interview.

“On the other hand you have a fringe within the Christian fraternity who are ready to launder and Christianise the bad deeds and scandals of those in power.”

He said there was an emerging fringe that was ready to rent itself to politicians in power. 

“I want to call it Christians for rent! This fringe is flamboyant, materialistic and vocal. Vocal it needs to be in order to remain relevant to the sponsoring politicians,” he said.

“When you hear them promote those bad government programmes in their sermons, you would feel that those not supporting their position are an embodiment of Satan. But hold on! You are not Satan; it is them who represent the corruption of religion.”

Sejani explained that to appear religious, while not being so in reality, was a proven: “Machiavellian tactic of deceit in Statecraft.
“Even in our villages if you have a witch who regularly prays and goes to church, it will take you a long time to catch them because nobody suspects them. In the meantime, the witch will be eating your children abusing religion,” he said.

Sejani clarified that he was not condemning religion or Christianity but those who were abusing its nobility by using it as a veil for committing atrocities against humanity. 

He said majority of people in the wide body of Christ were still noble, preaching and practising the Word of God as Jesus did. 

“They are fighting for a just society as Jesus did. They are moved by human suffering. Jesus was driven by a desire for a just society here on earth and His kingdom of God was a movement of work in human affairs to establish a good society here on earth,” Sejani said.

“Similarly, there are many Christians who engage in a struggle for a just society not driven by brown envelopes even today. These must be encouraged to continue to stand up and speak truth to power, regardless of the consequences.” 

He added that progressive Christians must reject attempts to use them to civilize injustice, to justify and fail to condemn violence and cruelty. 

“They must refuse to moralise immorality,” Sejani advised, further noting that progressive Christians must advocate involvement in the human struggle.

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