Gap between the rich and poor must not be allowed to grow bigger – Ken Dumbo

KEN Dumbo, real name Kazungo Emmanuel Ndeya, is multi-talented Zambian youth who is a journalist by profession, an enterprenuer, comedian, TV presenter and renowned director of programmes.

He says Dumbo is a name he was given by street kids that he and his friends used to meet with while at Evelyn Hone College.

Ndeya says he had a group of street kids whom he was teaching and interacting with and coincidentally, they were all fat.

“So I ended being ‘ba Dumbo boyonda’ because I was the only slim person…so I added it to my name, yeah, hence Ken Dumbo. KEN is a combination of the first letters of my three names…” he says.

Ndeya was among several artistes that participated in the commemoration of the global week of action.
The 28-year-old comedian from Soloboni compound of Kafue attended Kasenje Primary School, Naboye Secondary School and Evelyn Hone College where he studied journalism and public relations and graduated in 2017.

He says he uses his influence as an artiste to fight inequality.

“I believe every Zambian deserves a good education, good health and a good environment to live in. The gap between the rich and the poor must not be allowed to grow bigger,” he says.

Ndeya says among the many reasons for equality in Zambia, politics is the major one.

“The current government believes they can only take development in areas where they have MPs and councillors. Areas that have opposition MPs and councillors receive little or no developmental projects. I personally believe our government leaders have a bigger role to take education, good health facilities, good road network and better conditions of services everywhere. But unfortunately everything has been politicised,” he says.

He says he wants to see a Zambia where all people are treated equal irrespective of their race, tribe, political affiliation, education or gender.

Ndeya says he has been doing advocacy work as an artiste and working with various organisations.
He urges the government to implement the One Zambia One Nation motto and not just use it as a slogan at political rallies.

“Let them ensure that every person, no matter the area they are in, has easy access to education, good health, good road network, among other things,” he says.

Ndeya says there is need for youths to engage in productive ventures instead of waiting for government assistance.

“We are the boma ourselves…. If we just drink alcohol and smoke drugs…our leaders will never take us seriously, so we need to take interest in issues of governance and enterprenuership as not every one of us can be employed by government. Let’s use our talents and skills to better our lives,” he says.

“We can create jobs for our friends and family members unlike always complaining. The future of this country lies in our hands…. Let’s start taking interest in national affairs and contribute or question where there is need. For a long time we have allowed the old folks to plunder our national resources without holding them accountable…. It’s time we got involved.”

He says Zambians should this year expect a lot of a laughter and education on various social and economic issues.

“Mine is comedy that speaks and stands on three things: entertainment, education and information. So as a journalist, my role is to do the above three. Any works I decide to put up, but of course, I am working with other comedians to have a number of stand-up comedy shows in various parts of the country so people must look for a show from me and several other fellow comedians – Bwana Njombe, IDC Light the President, Steffan, among others in the home towns,” says Ndeya.

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