Kapiri residents damage police post in quest to fork out detained suspected ritual killer

RESIDENTS of Turn Off area in Kapiri Mposhi on Sunday ran amok and destroyed a police post on suspicion that police officers were holding a suspected ritual killer.

This was after word went round that a suspect in the recent gas attacks had been arrested and detained at the police post.

The residents turned riotous and pelted the police post, shattering windows and demanding for police to release the suspect for them to mete-out mob justice.

Police had a tough time and fought running battles firing tear gas to calm the situation, which persisted until midnight.

A check at the scene found one vehicle, a Toyota Ipsum Registration Number AAA 5007 parked at the police post damaged with its windows shattered.

The rioters also blocked the Kapiri Mposhi – Mkushi Road with rocks and tires, interrupting the smooth flow of traffic.

Ten people have since been arrested and detained in connection with the riot.

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