LUNGU CAUGHT IN OWN WEB…he’s presenting himself as man of contradictions – Kazabu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is caught up in his own web, says Luxon Kazabu.

And Kazabu, who is former livestock and fisheries deputy minister, has appealed to all Zambians to stand up and speak out when things are going wrong.

In an interview, Kazabu said President Lungu has been practicing tribalism by firing civil servants who hail from Southern, Western and North-Western provinces.

“President Edgar Lungu is presenting himself as a man of contradictions, because not long ago here in Livingstone he engaged in some tribal talk, now today he is telling Zambians that tribalism should not be allowed as it will destroy us as a nation. That is a clear contradiction,” he said.

“I want to say that he is caught up in his own web…we can give a lot of examples where he is preaching tribalism such as the retirement in national interest of people from Southern, Western and North-Western.”

Kazabu said it was in the public domain that civil servants from those three provinces had suffered great injustices.

The former Nkana PF member of parliament urged President Lungu to be a true statesman and not gloss over injustices being inflicted on people who hail from Southern, Western and North-Western provinces.

“It’s not right. Some of us who don’t want to be accomplices of things going wrong in our nation we’ll not keep quiet. We will keep on reminding President Lungu and his people that no one chose to be born from a certain area. We were born where we are by God’s divine choice,” he said.

“I want to remind Zambians that the culture of keeping quiet can never be right; it’s a weakness in itself and along that, I am reminded about what Napoleon Bonaparte said. He said ‘the world suffers not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people’. People today are suffering and the majority choose to remain mute. Who do they expect to speak against the wrongs that are happening today if we keep quiet? When wrongs are being committed all must stand up and speak out. It’s only by doing so that those that are committing the wrongs will realise that it is not right.”

Kazabu said by now he would have expected President Lungu to fire livestock minister Nkandu Luo because she engaged in high level tribalism.

“So it’s not right for President Lungu to just say it is not right…he should act on his lieutenants. He should act against violence which has become the order of the day whenever there is an election,” urged Kazabu. “Why should Zambians kill each other because of politics? God is watching each one of us and each one will reap what we saw. Let us reject those that preach regionalism, let’s reject tribalism, let’s ensure that all Zambians are treated fairly. No Zambian is more Zambian than the other.”

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