Zimba seeks to unify FAZ

[By Bright Tembo]

SUZYO Zimba says he is aspiring as president of the Football Association of Zambia to bring unity to the football fraternity.

Zimba claimed that disunity in the association was hampering the development of the game.

Speaking on Joy FM’s ‘Talking point’ programme on Sunday, Zimba said the current FAZ administration led by Andrew Kamanga has experienced its own share of success and failure.

“Well Kamanga has done well in terms of bringing revenue at FAZ which was not there during Kalusha Bwalya’s time and we have seen teams getting better monies and we have also seen the constitution which I think it’s a plus for him (Kamanga),” he said.

“But when it comes to football results that’s where we have problems with Kamanga because we are going for the third time without going for the AfCON.

“The reason why I’m coming in is that I have seen that there is no unity at FAZ, and I believe in unity and currently we have divisions at FAZ. We have a team that believes Kamanga is the main man and Kamanga does not want anything to do with Kalu, and there are people that believe that Kalu is also the main man. So there are these two camps which I feel are not good for football. I feel they have their personal agendas and away from Football House.”

Zimba said he was coming in as a “godly man” to unite the association, which he claimed had been divided since Kamanga’s election as FAZ president in 2016.

“I want a situation that we fail as one country and succeed as one country, not win as country and lose as Kamanga, no. That’s not what I want to bring in football,” he said.

“We have ‘Kalu people’ that have frustrated Kamanga from day one because they feel he’s not supposed to there. But he won. You team up to fight one guy but I thought to team up we better the game. When you look at the faces of those that are vying for FAZ presidency, they are wounded faces that want to fight Kamanga, not that they want to improve football. It’s about Kamanga.”

He also wondered why some people were bringing politics into the game.

“Is this the way we are going to run football, like if you are UPND or PF then you cannot meet? In the first place why even bring politics in football? Don’t bring your fights into football. So we come in to say this a unifying game. We come in to unite people and the decision we make it’s not for Zimba but for everyone,” Zimba said.

He further said he is going to raise K2 billion for infrastructure development in sports.

“Patron for FAZ (President Edgar Lungu) will sell 20,000 tickets which will be valid for five years. Any company that will buy the ticket will watch any game for five years. The job to raise K2 billion will be given to the President who is the patron for FAZ. This is why [Kenneth Kaunda] named the national team as the KK11 for a reason because that really helped football. It helped our national team because the president was involved and he would say to parastatals put money in the national team,” said Zimba.

“I will have a situation that we are close to the President so that we can even force him to have a cup and it can be called Eagle One Cup. The 20,000 tickets for FAZ which will be pegged at K100,000 each for five years and we have put like that because we want to raise K2 billion for infrastructure development of the game and the President can’t fail to raise that much and he can’t refuse because you are not playing politics.”

The FAZ elections will be held next month.

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