Do the right thing, Makembo urges councillors

[By Bright Tembo]

ZAMBIA Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo says he won’t side with any candidate at the forthcoming FAZ elective general meeting.

Makembo says he is instead available to offer advice to all aspirants for the good of Zambian football.

Addressing the unease that seems to be mounting ahead of the Football Association of Zambia EGM slated for March 28, Makembo reminded candidates to focus their campaigns on issues affecting the sport.

“You see all these are my children. I don’t take sides at all. In the first place we are very happy that FAZ has allowed the nomination to take place and now that it has taken place, as they are going into campaigns I urge them to argue on issue based campaigns, not on damaging one another and pointing fingers,” he said. “We want to see these people telling us how to improve football. We want to see these people bringing the means of taking soccer forward. We want to see people that are able to talk to the corporate people, have them on board, so that in future (FAZ) we stand on our own not to be asking for funds from government.”

Makembo called on FAZ councillors to do the “right thing” for Zambian football.

“I have been around for a while now and have seen one executive to another and I will always remind the councillors and candidates to do the right thing for the good of football, not selfishness that will bring the name of football into jeopardy,” said Makembo.

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