RISE AND DEMAND EARLY ELECTIONS …because by 2021 there might be no Zambia, Changala urges Zambians

GOVERNANCE activist Brebner Changala prays that Zambians can rise as quickly as possible and demand an early election.

He says patent disregard of electoral rules in Chilubi by the governing PF, in partnership with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the Zambia Police, is a mere “preamble” of what they will do in 2021.

Changala believes the PF is prepared to kill simply to retain power in next year’s general elections.

“What is happening in Chilubi, in a movie or a cinema they call it a preamble. My prayer is that we rise as quickly as possible – we need an early election. We don’t need 2021; we need elections now because by 2021, there might be no Zambia, at the rate we are going,” Changala said in an interview.

“What the PF has done in Chilubi is a dyonko (sample), it’s a preamble of what they will do in 2021. These guys are ready to kill to stay in power. That’s why today they can say even prisoners will have to vote. Who is going to campaign in prison? Only them! Anybody else will be told it’s a security cantonment. So, my prayer is that let’s get rid of PF.”

He stressed that the PF had lost the legitimacy to run Zambia.

“PF has lost the mandate of the people and that’s why they are engaged in underhand methods, trying to prolong their stay in power. That’s why they are clinging on to bill 10; they see bill 10 as their last hope in hell!” Changala said.

“They have gone to Chilubi to intimidate the poor citizens; to corrupt the minds of the people in Chilubi by telling them not to vote for a Tonga [headed political party].”

He appealed to Zambians to: “rise and defend their democracy, to put the PF and President Edgar Lungu in check for they do not deserve to be in office even for the next two, three hours.”

“The damage they have done to the country is so huge; they have divided the nation on tribal lines, they have wrecked the economy and they have debased our moral base. We are now a disorganised, unguided and languishing people,” Changala complained.

He emphasised that the events in Chilubi were saddening.

Changala said he never imagined that after the departure of Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the one party democracy and its antics, Zambia could find itself in a state of confusion, “where anarchy is State-sponsored.

“I never knew that after multiparty democracy was re-affirmed in Zambia in 1991 that this country would become a de facto police State where the police are now calling the shots under the instruction of the Commander-in-Chief, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” he said.

“This is extremely serious! President Lungu is assaulting our democratic governance system day-in day-out and what has made him do what he is doing is that he is not facing any consequences from anybody.”

He also pointed out that Zambia’s electoral system did not allow what was happening in Chilubi – “bribing voters, openly urging people to vote on tribal lines.”

Changala said such was very dangerous.

“A President goes to a by-election as a head of a political party to go and compete with other political party presidents or secretaries general of those political parties,” he explained, adding that a President cannot put undue influence on the State police to start harassing competing opposition parties.

“President Lungu has failed to uphold and defend the Constitution. In short, it is very clear today that President Lungu is nothing but a law-breaker and we must treat him as such. He has ignored and sidelined the very Constitution that brought him to power, the very Constitution that guides his administration. He has done things with impunity and yet he has never been made to account.”

Meanwhile, Changala cautioned the ECZ that its partnership with the executive is now toxic and it cannot be tolerated anymore.

“The Electoral Commission of Zambia is now an accessory to a crime being committed by the Patriotic Front – donating mealie-meal, T-shirts, chitenges, ambulances, bicycles and yet the Electoral Commission of Zambia cannot lift its hand,” said Changala.

“The police, under the instruction of President Lungu, chases two key political players from an election scene so as to give undue advantage to the Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu, in particular! ECZ is guilty to the core! PF is guilty to the core!”

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