Trying to defend what cannot defended

Trying to defend what cannot be defended can make even a genius look and sound stupid.

Antonio Mwanza used to look and sound intelligent or wise when he was criticising that which deserved to be criticised. Now Antonio looks and sounds so foolish or dull trying to defend Edgar Lungu’s wrong decisions and actions which cannot be defended with truth and intelligent arguments.

Why is Antonio making a fool of himself? It is because he is being rewarded for being foolish. He has taken up a job that requires himself to defend wrongdoing and lies.

Antonio’s job is not different from that of a mercenary. He is not working to defend and promote that which is right but what his masters want defended or promoted.

He has to bark at the opponents of his masters all the time. And the weaker you are, the louder you bark. That is what he is paid for – to bark. There are no principles being advanced by Antonio. He has lost his soul. And that is what happens to individuals when they hire themselves out like mercenaries for money. Today Antonio is defending, justifying things he used to denounce in what appeared to be a principled and convincing way. For money, Antonio is today eating his own vomit. And he expects people to believe and respect him?

Edgar is not getting anything from Antonio as a propagandist. It’s wasted money because Antonio is not believed by anyone.

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