Enough of petty PF politicians insulting Tongas – Kasauta

BWEENGWA UPND member of parliament Michelo Kasauta says “enough is enough” of petty politicians insulting the Tonga speaking people.

Kasauta said politicians must realise that it was important to ensure that what they say promotes peace and harmony in society instead of hatred.

“Enough is enough to petty politicians in the habit of insulting the Tonga speaking people of being tribal whenever one feels like. The Tonga people have been insulted for a long time in this country and now we can no longer keep quiet,” he said.

Kasauta said politicians must not forget that in unity lies strength while division is a danger to both peace and national development.

“Together we are stronger. Only unity and understanding will unite this nation as one. We the Zambians need to cultivate a sense of universal unity especially that love does not cost a thing,” he said.

The lawmaker said three leaders of the ruling PF who were recently cited for making tribal comments against the Tonga people should instead focus on developing the country.

“We will not allow ourselves to be insulted by petty politicians like Professor Nkandu Luo, Chanda Nyela and Bizwell Mutale. The country has a lot of problems that we need to fix together as citizens instead of attacking the Tonga speaking people on tribal lines,” Kasauta said.

He said those that want to practice tribal politics must confine themselves to their bedrooms.

“It’s very disappointing to see a learned person and a minister like Professor Luo sink so low to talk ill of a Tonga tribe when she as a woman must be in forefront to promote love and unity for one another in a nation for easy acceleration of development as well as democracy,” Kasauta said.

“It is petty educated politicians like Professor Luo that have made Zambia to be what it is today, and I as Kasauta I do not envy to have a mother of livestock and fisheries minister Nkandu Luo’s calibre whose mouth is an arena of moral deficiency. These petty politicians like Professor Luo should read the history of Zambian politics if she is really a professor because you can have very much decorated papers that doesn’t match your thinking capacity. Let her and her fellow PF petty cadres go back to 1991 history where Southern Province gave the late former president Frederick Chiluba, a Bemba by tribe, 100 per cent votes.

“We look at quality and reason. We are supporting HH [Hakainde Hichilema] not because he is Tonga but because he has a traceable record of success and intellect. We believe his experience in business both locally and internationally can help the country to progress.”

Kasauta said Prof Luo as a senior minister and a highly educated person was supposed to be a beacon of unity and a role model to the young people in society.

“Following her tribal remarks in Chilubi now she doesn’t fit to be a minister. What comes out of her mouth is divisive. As at now there are few people we can point at as pure Bembas, Tongas, Lozis, Chewas and so forth because of intermarriages. Provincial boundaries made by colonial masters do not mean that we are different from each other, no! These are just boundaries otherwise we are one people who must not divide each other based on boundaries our colonial masters created,” said Kasauta. “We don’t owe Professor Luo and her fellow PF cadres who are insulting us on a daily basis anything but it is them who owe the Tonga speaking people an apology. Let them create their own country or territory where they can be demeaning people.”

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