I’m the spiritual powerhouse of PF – Seer 1

I AM like a parasite and I will not stop until I’m done with the PF members who took power from me, says self-proclaimed Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1.

In the latest video he shared on Facebook on Wednesday night, Seer 1 who has been demanding his ‘power’ which he says he gave to some PF leaders, said he was not afraid of being arrested but insisted that he was the powerhouse of the ruling PF.

He claimed that during his time in Zambia, PF leaders “were busy following me like a fly that has seen a corpse”.

Seer 1, who has also confessed to using underworld supernatural powers, says he will not rest until he gets what belongs to him from the PF.

“I know what I’m talking about when I say I’m the stronghold of the PF, the powerhouse; I’m the one that contributed spiritually to put them there…Today I did not want to announce, I just wanted to come and say what I want to say because if I had announced, they would have reported my page and blocked my page. I don’t know what they are afraid of but they are innocent,” he said.

“I want to talk about the list and take some time and address Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe and many other things that have been happening. Many people in Zambia are saying ‘Seer 1 is a coward, Seer 1 has backed out’. I don’t back out, I’m a parasite. When I start with you, I will be on you until I finish.”
Ejimadu said he was not afraid and could not be defeated.

He said he had fought many battles in life such as the current one.

“I have fought battles from when I was young, no one can defeat me. They have fought me with so many things. They have sent me messages, threats, police and that plus that but they don’t know that I’m a parasite and when I start eating you, I will not leave you until I’m tired of eating you,” Ejimadu said. “I’m not a time waster, the battle is so big, it’s not something that can be won in one day, I did a lot of things with these guys and for us to come out of them, it will take time. It requires patience, it’s not something that can be rushed. Zambian people, I ask you to be patient as I’m working on this thing.”

Ejimadu dared home affairs minister Stephen Kampyopngo to go to South Africa and arrest him.
He went further and gave details on his residence in Limpopo Province.

“I was reading today and I believe honourable Kampyongo this is not coming from you. If it is coming from you where you are saying you deported Seer1, those rubbish things I was reading, if really you said those things I feel sorry for you, my dear. I also read where you were saying I was threatening you. I don’t threaten people,” Ejimadu said. “When I say I’m going to mess you up, [then indeed] I’m going to mess you up. When I say you will lose elections, I mean you will lose elections. It is my spiritual power that you people there are using. I’m going to show the evidence here … so that people of Zambia see that Seer 1 was the spiritual engine room for your party.”

He wondered why some PF members were following him when he was in Zambia if indeed he was a satanist.
“I have never said I’m a satanist. I can’t say it, I’m not a satanist. I have supernatural power, [having] supernatural power is different from being a satanist. During elections many people decide to go to church, some to the witchdoctor and many of them decided to come to me and I helped them. And when I said I need my powers, I was not addressing the whole PF government, I was addressing those who took power from me. Those that are still alive. I want my power back. Is it bad to ask for my power back? The power that I gave you, you paid me, I gave you the power,” Ejimadu said. “They brought my power, they even brought money to me, a lot of money; money which I’m going to donate back that money. I don’t need that money, I wanted my power and my power was brought.”

He named those who introduced him to influential leaders in the PF.

Ejimadu challenged those he mentioned to sue him.

“Mr [Frederick] Chisanga is the current mayor of Kasama, everybody I’m mentioning, these people benefited from my power. They can go and sue me tomorrow, I don’t care; I don’t even fear. Those of you who thought I was joking are mad. The whole lot of me can suspend what I was doing, leaving millions of people who want my attention to come and joke?” he asked. “You are not okay, my dear. They brought him to me, I used my supernatural powers and ‘do as I say’ to heal him and immediately I started working helping him, working with him and this is the man that convinced me to start helping PF government that you are seeing there. This is the man who told me, ‘Seer 1, help PF’. And I was working, I go to parliament, I work. I go this side, I work. Every night I was working. After working what did I benefit?”

He also said that energy permanent secretary Bishop Eddie Chomba was one of his followers.

Ejimadu wondered why Bishop Chomba followed him if he knew that he was a Satanist.

“Remember during the 2016 elections, there was one person running up and down calling [UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema] HH a Satanist? He was everywhere calling HH a Satanist but after calling HH a Satanist he was following me up and down. You were everywhere calling HH a Satanist but you were always with a Satanist. Look at that. Do you know him?” Ejimadu asked as he displayed a picture of himself with Bishop Chomba.

“Those of you that used to attend my things, you could hear Bishop Eddie Chomba saying he is a very powerful person in the government. These things I’m saying, if a person is not close to the President, they can’t give him such a post in the government. That is for you to know how far I went with these people.”

He complained that Zambians were terrified to stand up to the injustices in the country.

Ejimadu reiterated his earlier argument that Hichilema had not paid him to speak against the PF.

“Those of you who are saying HH paid Seer 1, please! Pay me for what? I am saying the truth and those of you saying Seer 1 will be arrested, the problem with Zambians is that they have intimidated you a lot. You actually don’t know your rights,’’ Ejimadu said.

“Just because I’m talking what I know with evidence…. The minister is saying ‘we are going to fish Seer 1 out’. My dear, you are mad. Where will you fish Seer 1 from? Is Seer 1 hiding? I don’t hide, come to Limpopo and ask anyone and you will find me. Come with your police.”

Ejimadu insisted that he does not want the PF to win next year’s general elections.

“Give me back what I helped you with because I don’t want you to win elections and you cannot win. If you win elections, I will drop spiritual powers. I will resign from being a member of the god father if you win this election. I know how this election was won, I contributed through spiritual power,” he said.
“It’s you the PF people who were busy calling me a Satanist but you were busy following me like a fly that has seen a corpse; everywhere following me. I said Seer 1 controlled the spiritual affairs of the PF, that is why in Zambia I was making fake rain. ’Do as I say’ is working… in Zambia, I feel pity for you but glory be to God because they have returned my things. Let’s see what is going to happen in 2021. All of them except those who are dead have returned my things peacefully. There is something I’m going to say about your President, and if I say it even the wife to him will not vote for him.”

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