PROTECT CITIZENS…show leadership over gassing attacks, HH urges Lungu

THE continued gassing and putting of lives at risk by criminals while the PF pays a blind eye is unfortunate for the country, says Hakainde Hichilema.

The UPND leader says the spate of gassing and attacks on citizens across the country is barbaric.
Hichilema called on President Edgar Lungu to “for once show leadership” by directing part of the State resources to protect citizens from criminals.

“Mr Lungu and the PF must act to protect citizens of Zambia across the country on the gassing of citizens and the suspected ritual killings or murders. The continued gassing and putting of lives at risk by criminals while the PF pay a blind eye is unfortunate in our country. Security for our people must come first and not vote buying,” Hichilema said in a statement. “Our people are living in fear and spending sleepless nights yet Mr Edgar Lungu has remained mute on this very serious issue bordering on national security. Once more, we would like to condemn this barbaric behaviour. I call on Mr Lungu and the PF to enforce the law to ensure that resources that are being wasted on useless vote buying during by-elections should be targeted towards protecting citizens of Zambia. And the police must act professionally. The police must not go out there, even killing innocent citizens who already are victims of this uncalled for gassing.”

He said unless PF officials are beneficiaries, they should direct their efforts against “these criminals” that are gassing people.

“Please show leadership now before citizens start taking the law in their own hands to protect themselves,” Hichilema said. “It cannot be right that citizens continue having sleepless nights when the police are there to protect life as their primary responsibility, instead of persecuting political opponents as it is in Chilubi now. I urge the police command that you must work for the people of Zambia. You must work for the residents of Zambia; everybody who lives in this country deserves protection from the police. As you pursue the criminals that are gassing citizens, do it diligently; do not kill innocent citizens. Do not maim the very citizens that you are supposed to protect. That is what a proper and dignified leadership in the police and at a political level must do.”

He recalled having on several times stated that Zambians “will suffer only for a while”.

“This insecurity you see will never be there, will not be tolerated when UPND takes office. We will bring law and order, and use resources, national resources, treasury resources in a responsible manner instead of wasting resources on corruption as the PF is doing. Resources will be spent on protecting citizens’ lives which are dear, a gift from God,” said Hichilema. “So, citizens, endure these sufferings but you must not lose hope because help is on the way. We’ll bring back law and order, we’ll protect you and your children so that you can sleep at night. We’ll protect you in your work places, we’ll protect you in common areas – bus stops, hospitals, taxi ranks, markets, and you’ll be able to conduct your business freely without fear of being attacked or gassed as the situation is. That’s what the UPND will do as a responsible government. God bless Zambia.”

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