There’s a deficit of trust between FAZ, govt – Kamanga

[By Bright Tembo]

FOLLOWING the filing in of nominations for FAZ positions last week, the nation seems to be divided on the subject.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has been on the chopping board after the association wrote a letter to FIFA over alleged government interference through the Ministry of Sports. 

This brought divided views among football stakeholders and speaking on Hot FM Radio’s ‘Red Hot Breakfast Show’, Kamanga said there is deficit of trust between his office and the government. 

“As members (of FIFA) we do have a constitution which is quite clear. Obviously if there is any attempt or any undertones that is altering the constitution, that unfortunately according to FIFA and as members in one of the clauses in Article 19.1, we are obliged to report to FIFA if there was what one would perceive to be third party interference. So it doesn’t state who is the third party as long as these are not members of FAZ within the definition of the constitution then we have got an obligation. Then if we don’t do that, FIFA will still take action against us. So these are issues that we sent to FIFA for notification,” he said. 

“I think you could define this by one word – it’s a deficit of trust between my office and the ministry and if you look at these elections, they are internal within FAZ and FIFA and we started this process around November in 2019 and we gave the road map to FIFA in terms of the elections. There were certain steps which were needed and don’t forget we changed the constitution in 2017 and we were elected in under an old constitution. But these elections will be held under the new constitution for the first time and I think this is where we are having a bit of an issue because there is lack of appreciating between what used to happen in the past and what needs to happen now. For instance, elections for the first time in FAZ are going to be handled by the electoral committee which is independent and appointed by the FAZ Council.

“So the electoral committee will run eleven elections as opposed to one in the past and the last election will elect the president, vice and a female candidate. So the full complement of the executive will be now 13 instead of nine of last time.”

Kamanga added that the election committee is an independent body from the FAZ executive. 

“The committee that is going to run the elections is completely independent and no one from the FAZ Executive Committee will be part of the elections,” said Kamanga. “So what the committee will probably do is to come up with register of the electoral college and this time it has been reduced to 86. Previously it was in excess of 350, so these are the dynamics that have come with the change of the new constitution. I am being accused that I have the full control of the elections but I will tell you I must be a magician if I can manage to convince the entire FAZ Council to do what is in my personal interest and I find that unacceptable. All this is done through an open process.”

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