Headline Matters with Chambwa: Pending crisis

Something like 30 to 40 years down the line, insistently worrying about climate change probably qualified you into the Hall of Madness. Almost rightly so. But today we are glaring at the effects of climate change, whether flash floods or partial drought, and even other atmospheric conditions brought about by climate change.

Today, you can’t worry about being called mad if you expressed your fears about devastating effects of climate change. Answers to tricky puzzles are provided for by TIME. No wonder such an equivocal statement as ‘time will tell.’

But I’m being walkabout. What crisis? Yes, climatic change effects, once, posed little crisis in Zambia. I’m aware that there are always exceptions to an issue! But here we are. All things being equal, Zambia, 50 years from now, would have been an independent country for 106 years. That’s how those who were born in 1964 would be in 2070. Meaning those who ‘practically’ fought for this country’s independence would be 126 years and above. Ummmm! That tells you and me something here; our independence heroes’ generation would have closed.

So, won’t there be war veterans? Everything, in terms of honours, will be done posthumously. Not necessarily a problem, to me. But it’s something like a CRISIS. Do we even know as many independence heroes as we should?

Obviously, independence heroes will be remembered as a collective, and not as individuals. History education about our country is rickety and so, who will remember any of these heroes that time? To me, that’s something like a CRISIS. If you don’t see it now, you’re not alone. Maybe I’m in the Hall of Madness and vindication will start showing three, four decades from now? Whatever the case, it’s an impending crisis we have.

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