Avoid mob justice, NGOCC urges Zambians

THE Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) says the lack of information by the police is fuelling speculation among citizens.

Executive director Engwase Mwale said NGOCC was deeply concerned with the recent happenings in the country where citizens were being gassed by criminals.

Mwale said NGOCC was equally concerned with the recent escalating tendencies by citizens to take the law in their own hands by killing and in some cases burning suspects.

“Inasmuch as we condemn the criminality by those who are gassing, we urge citizens to desist from meting instant justice as the country has adequate laws to deal with all criminal matters. As mothers, we are sad to learn that innocent citizens have been killed without according them the opportunity to defend themselves,” she said.

“We are aware, for instance, of a case in Garden along Mumbwa Road where a mob almost killed an innocent citizen who was doing his normal routine morning jog on the pretext that he was a ritual killer. The Zambia police have also confirmed that the number of people that have been killed so far might have been innocent of the crimes they were accused of.”

She urge all citizens to avoid mob justice.

Mwale said instead of meting mob justice, those accused should be surrendered to the police to investigate them thoroughly.

“Under our laws, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty by the Courts of law. We however also urge the Zambia Police and other investigative wings to constantly provide information to the public about the progress of investigations on this matter,” she said.

“The lack of information by the police is fuelling speculation among citizens. We would like to commend the government for taking decisive measures to curb the situation. NGOCC welcomes the directives by the Head of State in that direction.”

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