Leadership Movement pledges to bring back Farmers Bank

THE Leadership Movement says it will bring back the Farmers Bank, support Natsave Bank and introduce the Youth Bank.

National chairman David Kalumba said the LM had a plan to develop traditional land with a title deeds programme in chiefdoms with the target to benefit farmers.

“As the Leadership Movement we are aware that our country Zambia has not been spared from the land mismanagement in various chiefdoms therefore affecting farming activities especially that of small-scale farmers,” he said.

“As a way of creating millions of jobs for our unemployed Zambian youths through agriculture the Leadership Movement will issue land title deeds to youths and women farmers as part of its empowerment programme dubbed ‘Jobs Recruitment in 2021’.”

Kalumba said it was common knowledge that since independence Zambians had serious challenges among them access to land or right to land due to lack of a land policy.

He said as a political party that cares so much about Zambians and the rights of birth of access to land, the LM believes that Zambian small-scale farmers of the current generation should have title deeds hence in the manifesto “Zambia for Zambians, Black is Beautiful”.

“As doing so this will allow our small-scale farmers to partner with supermarkets and investors as we unlock Zambian agriculture potential and allow our farmers to access loans through the bank. Further, the Leadership Movement will bring back the Farmers Bank, support Natsave bank and introduce the Youth Bank,” he said.

Kalumba assured Zambian farmers that together they can build a better Zambia and end land wrangles in chiefdoms, affecting agriculture growth.

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