Lungu’s K250,000 cash offer ridiculous – Sikaile

ACTIVIST Sikaile Sikaile says President Edgar Lungu’s K250,000 cash offer to anyone with any information on people behind the gassing menace is ridiculous and shows he is a joker.

Last week on Thursday, President Lungu warned those behind the gassing of innocent citizens in selected parts of the country that their days were numbered.

“Whatever your motivation, we are closing in on you. We will find you and you will pay for your criminal activities. To all those daring me as President, you will have yourselves to blame when I act and no one will speak for you. You cannot injure society and expect to go free,” said President Lungu, in a message posted on his Facebook page. “Let me restate that there is K250,000 cash to anyone with any information on people behind this menace. Lastly, I want all citizens to be assured that I will do everything it takes to protect you as that is my number one responsibility. I have since ordered the Zambia Army to move in immediately and control the gassing situation.”

But in a statement yesterday, Sikaile said it was so regrettable for the nation to be presided over by “a comedian in the name of Edgar Lungu who doesn’t know that he is governing human beings”.

“To be honest with you Sir, this is not how a normal and responsible leader should take national matters.
To our journalists around the country, follow up with that empty statement, digest those threats and ask him more questions so that he explains well what he means. His statement is full of contradictions,” he noted. “On the other hand, he sounds like he knows who are behind this barbaric practice and again he goes on to give that bogus offer. This is so disgusting, coming from a person who calls himself a leader of 17 million people. Isn’t he the same person who recently refuted the existence of these crimes through Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga? What happened when Bishop Kazhila warned citizens about these criminals? And what happened when the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema called on the government to protect Chingola people? The same mouth claiming to be committed to dealing with perpetrators today sent threats to citizens through its surrogates Katanga and [home affairs minister Stephen] Kampyongo to stop alarming the situation [nation].”

Sikaile said the PF government and the police warned citizens of possible arrests if they continued spreading ‘falsehood’ about ‘ritual’ killings. According to them, there was nothing of that kind.

“And today, they are issuing threats to the non-existing criminals, isn’t this abnormality? You jokers, get serious for once and stop this comedy. You are not running a tavern; it is a nation full of human beings…Mr Lungu, why did you wait until a lot of lives have been lost for you to act?” Sikaile asked. “You are the Head of State who commands the armed forces and you had to wait to this level for you to offer that useless K250,000 that will not bring back life of innocent civilians? Zambians, let us get serious, what will this K250,000 do to all the lost lives? This money is what PF thieves steal in seconds. We don’t want that stupid money! Keep it to yourself. PF knows who these criminals are and this is why they had to take this long to act. Normal leaders get bothered even by the loss of one life but in PF under Mr Lungu and his puppets, dozens have to die for them to show their ‘fake concerns’.”

Sikaile warned Zambians that “if these people we give them a chance again to manipulate elections in 2021, then we should forget about Zambia”.

“Zambia will be the most useless country on this earth. Political violence, corruption and dictatorship shall multiply like flies on human waste. Zambians, next time if someone tells you that they have no vision, take them serious,” urged Sikaile.

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