Lusambo directs Ndola DEBS to distribute PF manifesto to all teachers in Kabushi

KABUSHI PF Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has directed the Ndola District Education Board Secretary to distribute the PF manifesto to all teachers in his constituency.

Lusambo told the 793 teachers in Kabushi Constituency that all teachers belong to the PF because it is the government in power.

He said this when he addresses teachers from Kabushi Constituency at Masala Secondary School on Saturday.

“Be non-partisan, for all of you, you are PF members because you are loyal to the government of the day. Read the PF manifesto, so DEBS can you distribute the PF manifesto to all the teachers. If you start saying that Edgar has failed, look at yourselves. It is not the President to implement the education [policies],” Lusambo said.

“So if someone is talking about the President, you the teachers should be the first to be upset because it is you they are embarrassing. So if anyone is talking about Edgar Lungu, be the first to defend and speak especially in the education sector.”

Lusambo then told teachers that he would create a revolving fund so that they stop getting ’embarrassing loans’ from Bayport and FINCA.

“We will create a revolving fund for Kabushi Constituency teachers, not you going to FINCA and get loans that are embarrassing us as Kabushi. Our teachers should not be embarassed over loans. Even if mosquitos come and make noise (referring to opposition politicians), just tell them that get out.”

He told the 793 teachers that Kabushi should be full of graduates.

“Zambia has a small economy which can grow if we have good graduates joining in the private sector. We don’t have any industry, but small businesses. If we have big business, it’s a fueling station so we want our people to be educated. Let me not concentrate on other issues but education. You can be helped if you have minimum education. We want to interact with our teachers, we respect the teachers so much. When you come to schools, we don’t just learn to read and write, but even manners are taught in schools,” Lusambo said.

He said the education sector was very critical for the nation.

“When going for work, know that you are civil servants. The teaching profession is very important. Once upon a time I was putting of overalls written die hard and I was so proud to wear that. So we need to be proud with what we are doing,” Lusambo said.

“I want to see the teachers that are patriotic. If we have patriotic teachers, then our dream as Kabushi to see our graduates from UNZA, CBU and other universities will be achieved. We need to know what we are doing. Your salary is secondary, your key issue is to teach our children. The culture towards work should be promoted also. Teachers should lead by example. Teachers should be very dedicated to work. We are happy with the results so far, but double the efforts. We don’t want to see our learners in bars.”

Later, Lusambo said Lubuto Secondary School was not a political arena.

He said this following the shunning of the meeting by teachers from Lubuto Secondary School.

“Your days are numbered if you want to bring politics in schools. Lubuto Secondary School is not a political arena where you fight political battles.”

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