Nevers prays for Zambia’s cleansing from occultism, all forms of evil

VICTORY Ministries International founder Nevers Mumba has asked President Edgar Lungu and his team to take responsibility for the current spate of ritual killings countrywide.

In his prayer against powers of darkness over Zambia, Pastor Mumba also challenged the Church to rise up and provide guidance.

“We restrain the wholesale killings of suspects without judicial process. We pray for the police and the security wings that they execute their responsibilities with vigor in the fear of God. We pray for the President of Zambia, Mr Edgar Lungu and his government to take responsibility and do all that is necessary to keep Zambians safe,” he prayed on Sunday. “We pray for the Church to rise up and be the guiding light to the nation by being brave to freely condemn the evil which has injured our prospects of development. We now invoke the power of the blood of Jesus on our nation. The death angel has no access to our families and our nation because of the blood of the perfect Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Father, when you see the blood of Your Son on us, protect us from the assault of the angel of death. We now restore peace and order in the nation. The enemy has been defeated. The blood has prevailed and Zambia shall be saved.”

Pastor Mumba decreed that no politician with evil powers shall ever govern the country.

“In the name of Jesus’ Christ, we now decree that Zambian politics shall be established in righteousness, and upon the values of the Christian faith in line with our identity as a Christian nation. We decree that no person, who draws power from the dark forces of hell shall ever rule this country,” Pastor Mumba said.

“We send the ritual killers into confusion. They shall now start to kill each other until the land is cleansed. Zambia shall become a praise to the nations. Zambia is united. Zambia is prosperous and Zambia’s leading position amongst the nations of the world is now restored. We decree it while upholding the efficacy of the blood of Jesus as our weapon of warfare. In Jesus’ name we Pray. Amen.”

He said because of the craving for power, politicians had given themselves up to evil forces.

Pastor Mumba said people had sinned as individuals and families, and asked for God’s mercies.

“Heavenly Father, we approach Your throne with contrition and repentance as a nation. We have sinned against You as individuals, as families and as a nation. We have honoured and worshiped other gods besides You. We have bent our knees before idols and witchcraft,” Pastor Mumba said.
“We have sought for power from evil spirits and have indulged in human sacrifice for the purposes of acquiring power. As a result, You have turned Your back against us and closed Your ears from hearing our cries. You have given us up to the cravings of the flesh and we have become a danger to ourselves. Poverty has continued to spread as a cancer. We are a heavily indebted country with no easy way of escape. We are divided along tribal lines and the Church is mostly silent on issues that really matter to the common man on the streets.” 

Pastor Mumba asked God for forgiveness.

“Today, the 16th of February 2020, as a nation, we come in humility to repent for our evil ways. We ask for Your mercy and forgiveness. We ask You Lord, to give us another chance to amend our ways. We ask for Your power to help us live up to our confession today,” said Pastor Mumba. “We pray for the healing of our land. Cleanse it from all influence of satanism, occultism, witchcraft, sorcery and all forms of evil. Execute judgement on all those who perpetrate these evils in our land. Expose them and remove them by Your power. Let Zambia be saved. We paralyse and prohibit the forces of evil from interfering with the plans you have for our country.”

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