Lungu promoting tribalism, lawlessness in Zambia – Ng’uni

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is promoting tribalism and lawlessness in the country, says Southern Province UPND secretary Winnerson Ng’uni.

And Ng’uni has asked President Edgar Lungu to apologise to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for wrongly attacking him on tribal basis.

In an interview, Ng’uni said tribal attacks against the Tonga speaking people and Hichilema specifically have become so prominent in the PF, despite State House trying to water down the issue.

“What happened in Sesheke against HH during that the by-election last year was barbaric and has never been condemned by President Lungu. What recently happened in Chilubi where both HH and NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili were forced out of the area because he (President Lungu) was in the area was a criminal act and Mr Lungu is silent. The two opposition leaders were treated as if they are not Zambians. He (President Lungu) is not only promoting tribalism but also promoting lawlessness in the nation among other vices,” Ng’uni said.

He said the tribal remarks against the Tonga and Hichilema specifically have taken centre stage in the PF’s ugly schemes.

“We challenge President Edgar Lungu to publicly apologise to Hichilema if it is true that he is really disgusted by tribalism. He must apologise for attacking HH wrongly. We welcome his statement as issued by his press aid, that he hates tribalism, but this must be shown by him (President Lungu) first apologising to HH, the chiefs of this province and all the Tongas wherever they may be, be it in Eastern Province or Northern Province,” Ng’uni said.

He added that President Lungu must know that the genocide in Rwanda was started in a more similar manner that the PF leaders led by Prof Nkandu Lou had taken.
“This country is now divided all because of President Lungu and his leadership that has nothing good to tell Zambians apart from hate speech. They can’t explain the economy of Zambia and the challenges it is facing, they can’t explain the load-shedding and have thus resorted to hate speech against HH and the Tonga speaking people. They, through President Lungu, are using tribalism to oppress other Zambians,” Ng’uni said.

He urged the PF and President Lungu not to hate the Tonga speaking people because he personally told them that he has no vision.

Ng’uni said if one person hates another who has no vision, it should not be a basis to segregate that person on tribal lines.

“I am from Eastern and based in Southern Province, Livingstone specifically but I am the chief executive officer of the party they claim to be only for Tongas,” said Ng’uni.

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