Politicians are behind gassing incidents – Mpezeni

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni says politicians are behind the gassing episodes that have rocked the country and has appealed to the government to
urgently address the matter.
 And chief Nyalugwe of Nyimba says the government should address the root
 cause of gassing.

 Briefing journalists on Wednesday, Mpezeni who suspended his trip from Lusaka to Chipata on Monday due to riots that rocked Chongwe
 district over gassing related matters appealed to the government to look into the matter with a sense of urgency.

“When I started off from Lusaka on Monday … there were riots in Chongwe so I had no option but to get back. Again yesterday (Tuesday) when I came from Lusaka I found that the problem which was in Chongwe was now in Nyimba,” he said.

“This problem is new here in the east. Boma ionepo pa nkhani iyi, kuno kwasu tiyenda ku Nc’wala manje kukazipezeka soti vamene ivi. Banthu oyenda chiyende yende, nuziba kuti ni politics manje politics ovutilamo na seo banthu bakuti bali innocent (government should look into this issue, here in our area, we are going towards Nc’wala ceremony, now to experience such things. People move anyhow, I know these are politics but they are troubling even us innocent people).”
 Mpezeni said he was shocked to learn that the problem which was first in Chingola had spread to the whole country.

“Seo temamfumu chintu ichi chiliye tuwamizye, tulemekezeka seo kamba kamweo mwebanthu lomba kuti tikokuvwa kuti mwebanthu mupayana
muyambana choncho chioneka lini bwino yai. Aba na a Nyalugwe Kamba kabanthu inchi chinthu sichinanionekere bwino (Us as chiefs are not happy with this thing. We are respected as chiefs because of you the subjects, now it does not auger well to hear that you are killing each other … this issue is not good),” he said.

Mpezeni counselled politicians to do their politics well and not to start fighting each other.

“Our forefathers fought for independence but there was no war. If there was war, we would not have been there today. Now we already got the independence but people are still staying in hills in fear of this thing,” he said.

“I want government to look at this issue not only in Eastern Province but the entire country. We already got independence but what are the people looking for? Look now even criminals have taken advantage of this. We want clean politics not dirt politics.”

And chief Nyalugwe condemned the gassing situation.

“If this is politics then it should be done outside the communities because as it is schools and a lot more areas have been affected. In such areas, your royal highness, there is need for the government to
 come in in terms of security and find the major cause: where is this thing coming from? Who are the perpetrators of this? Now they have targeted our ceremony which is forthcoming. There is need to have tight security before the ceremony so that the province is calm,” he said.

Nyalugwe recalled that during president Frederick Chiluba’s tenure, the country grappled with the Black Mamba plot, and that today there was the 
gassing issue.

“We are appealing through you the media, to all the law enforcement personnel to look at this issue; we need to have peace in Zambia. We already got the independence but now where are we heading to as local communities?” wondered Nyalugwe.

Meanwhile, Mpezeni assured those planning to 
attend the 2020 Nc’wala traditional ceremony of peace and safety.
“There will be total security at the Nc’wala ceremony, people should not get worried. You know when there is a good thing Satan also comes in to disturb. People should come for the ceremony, they are free to come,” said Mpezeni.

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