Catholic Church calls for end to shedding of blood

THE Catholic Church says so much blood has been spilt in the land.

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) says for the sake of posterity, youths should no longer be subjected to witnessing murders and be used in the acts.

Addressing the media at Kapingila House in Lusaka yesterday, ZCCB president Bishop George Lungu called for an end to the shedding of blood.

The Church has attributed the current gassing of places of dwelling and the killing of people by mobs to the rapid decay of morals among people in the country.

“Dear Catholic faithful and people of goodwill, so much blood has been spilt on this land. We express our prayerful closeness to the traumatised families that have lost their beloved ones in the ongoing criminal activities including those still living in fear and spending sleepless nights,” he said. “In the name of God, we call for an end to the shedding of blood. We call upon the members of the public not to take the law into their hands. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law. For the sake of posterity, our youths and children can no longer be subjected to witnessing and/or participating in the murder of suspects in cold blood or used as tools of violence. Doing such is tantamount to breeding a generation of citizens that are not going to respect the sanctity of human life.”

Bishop Lungu called on leaders to desist from issuing inflammatory statements on the situation.

“Those behind the said crime of gassing people should repent and stop forthwith. Our political leaders across all political divide must denounce all forms of criminality and subversive activities in order to guarantee peace, tranquility and harmony. … careless and irresponsible comments are bound to bring further anarchy and confusion,” he said.

Bishop Lungu urged security wings to be proactive in detecting and apprehending perpetrators of crime and ensuring the due process of the law is carried out and as a way of deterring criminal activities in society.

He appealed to the public to uphold good values and morals.

“Every Zambian must uphold our traditional, religious and moral values with regard to the sacredness of human life and inviolability of human rights. Irresponsible recording and posting and sharing of graphic materials on social media to the unsuspecting public should come to an end forthwith,” he said.

Bishop Lungu said the ZCCB was deeply saddened by what now appears to be a nationwide disrespect for human life manifested in gassing of people and instances of mob killing of people.

“What we have are criminal subversive activities which seem to be well planned, coordinated and seemingly sponsored aimed at inducing fear and disturbing peace among the citizenry to a point that people cannot sleep peacefully. These are typical acts of terrorism,” said Bishop Lungu. “As a nation, we have reached such alarming levels of disrespect for human life and destruction of property both private and public. It seems to us that our country has found itself in this current scenario due to: erosion of traditional, religious, and moral values of our society, polarisation of the nation on the political front, the current economic downturn with the effect of unemployment, hunger, general high cost of living, mistrust and declining confidence of the community in the police service.”

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