Offenders who defile children should be castrated – Kapata

LANDS minister Jean Kapata says punishment for defilers needs to be stiffened to an extent of castrating offenders.

Kapata, who is Mandevu PF member of parliament, made the remarks when she debated the report of the parliamentary committee on sport, youth and child matters in parliament on Thursday evening.
“Offenders who defile children should not only be castrated but we should make sure that they become dysfunctional so that they don’t defile another child,” she said.

“What happens with issues of defilement [is that] cases take so long to an extent where somebody is bailed out and before he is sentenced, he has already defiled one, two or three [other] children.”
The minister also warned parents against withdrawing cases of defilement.

“I also want to caution the parents out there; there are parents who withdraw cases of defilement because in most cases, it’s the person within the house – a relative (who defiles). The family feels ashamed to name the person who has defiled their child and as a result, they want to keep quiet and make it as a family issue. Any cases of defilement should not be allowed to be withdrawn and that way, people will fear,” said Kapata. “We also must make it a non-bailable offence and stiffen the law on defilement. Defilement in this country is so rampant to an extent where, in some instances, it’s even the father of the child who defiles their children all because people maybe want to become rich or like Honourable [Gary] Nkombo said, to cleanse themselves of certain diseases.”

In 2015, President Edgar Lungu pardoned singer General Kanene who had been serving an 18-year sentence for defiling a minor.

General Kanene – real name Clifford Dimba – had served just over a year of his sentence when he was pardoned and was subsequently appointed as President Lungu’s ambassador against gender-based violence.
The President however revoked the appointment after the singer faced allegations of gender-based violence in 2016.

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