An evil PF regime has no shame to carryout criminal acts against own citizens, says Katuka

UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says an evil regime such as the PF that has stolen lots of public resources and impoverished citizens has no shame to do other criminal activities against its own citizens.

This is contained in a statement he issued yesterday following the appearance in court of PF officials, police officers over gassing related issues.

Katuka stated that his party had noted a pattern and events in which a number of senior PF officials and some police officers had been arrested with some taken to court over the ongoing terror attacks against citizens.

“So far it’s confirmed, PF provincial official on the Copperbelt has been taken to court after he was allegedly found in possession of various chemicals,” Katuka noted.

“Information on the ground also indicates that the PF Mpika Mayor is on the run after being linked to the same programme while his Serenje counterpart was equally targeted by citizens. There are also several incidents in which the police uniforms have been found at some crime scenes over gassing incidents.”

Katuka noted a police statement last Friday that indicated that the masterminder of the whole gassing programme was currently in custody, after mouths of political finger pointing in which the PF and their “surrogates” accused the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and the party leadership of being behind these crimes.

“Indeed God is a living God and has a way of vindicating his children. It cannot be a mere coincidence that a number of PF officials and some police officers have been arrested over the gassing of citizens,” Katuka stated.

“Like we have said before, the levels of sophistication, execution, the boldness in which these criminals have been doing the gassing even during broad daylight plus the period in which the whole operation has gone pointed to a fully sponsored terror programme by people with State power and resources.”

Katuka stated that there had been arguments that the PF could not injure its own citizens.

“But an evil regime such as that of the PF that has so far stolen lots of public resources and impoverished its own people has no shame to do other criminal activities against its own citizens,” Katuka stated.

“From these terror acts that have linked the PF officials and state agents, citizens can judge for themselves how wicked the people holding power can be even to the extent of being linked to gassing own people.”

Katuka stated that the PF government should be decisive in its actions against the terror attacks or they risk being put in the same boat as the Iraq government under late Saddam Hussain, which gassed its own people.

Meanwhile, harles Tembo reports from Chingola that PF Chingola Constituency information and publicity secretary Evans Mulenga appeared before the magistrate court facing terrorism charges.

Mulenga 37, of 28 Galilia Off Dominic Momba Road, Lulamba in Chingola, appeared before Chingola resident magistrate Peggy Banda on Friday.

Mulenga is also a driver at the Chingola District Health office.
Particulars of the offence are that Mulenga, on January 15, this year, had in possession two bottles containing a combination of chemicals namely chlorocresol, sulphamethoxazol, acetone, clonazepam and chlorpheniramine which are being used in acts of terrorism.

In the first count, Mulenga is charged with the offence of being in possession of articles for terrorism purposes contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

In count two, Mulenga is facing the offence of possessing of the aforementioned chemicals without lawful authority.

Magistrate Banda said in the first count, Mulenga could only be tried by the High Court while in the second offence, the State had to wait for instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The matter was adjourned to March 6, 2020 for another mention.
Mulenga is in police custody.

Meanwhile, Lazalous Mwape 22, and Brain Maipambe 19, both of Efimiyambolo Farms of Chingola’s Mutenda area on the Solwezi road were discharged after the state had enter nolle prosequi but were later rearrested.

The two are suspected to be behind the gassing and hacking of some residents in Chingola’s Chikola Township.

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