Lukuku calls for an inclusive Zambian society

IF we create a hopeless society where we have all extravagance on our side at the expense of the poor, our future will forever be fragile, says James Lukuku.

And Lukuku says Socialist Party leader Dr Fred M’membe, as Post editor, foresaw what is happening in Zambia today.

Analysing the current happenings, Lukuku, the Republican Progressive Party president, said, “Let’s always remember the poor in all our endeavours.”

“If we create a hopeless society where we have all extravagance on our side at the expense of the poor, our future will forever be fragile,” he said.

Lukuku anchored his discourse on what he learnt from Dr M’membe’s writing.

“Fred will remain to me a case study and plumb line measure of political analysis. Almost everything I write I learnt from Fred. Fred was my role model. I always wished to be a person that Fred envisaged. I always wished to be a politician that Fred envisaged, and I wished to belong to a political system and a broader society that Fred envisaged,” Lukuku said.

“In one of the editorial comments before The Post was shut criminally, Fred inked to the point one expectation of the youth of today. Fred prophesied a generation of respect-less youths, violent and savage youths, youths without regard for human life. He attributed his assessment parameters to the hopeless and helpless youth group that we were bringing up. A youth group void of proper education and proper morals. Fred lamented such a youth group was a time bomb that could erupt at any moment. He called for concerted effort for us to pay attention to the type of youth we were building. He called for true and real empowerment of youths and creation of availability of jobs.”

Lukuku said that against a backdrop of very few connected youths swimming in all privileges and opportunities, the nation now has a huge group of totally dislocated masses, a desperate and hopeless group.

“This group is exposed to Zee World [an Indian soap opera] and other celebrate lifestyles, lifestyles they can only envy but can never achieve because of society impossibilities, locks and nuts,” Lukuku said.

He remembered Rupiah Banda as Republican president, sending “us to Libya to support the Zambia national [soccer] team.”

He said in Libya, they passed through a residence has never seen.
“It was thousands above the word affluent. People there lived like angels because of oil wealth. They thought the other side of society was only fit for free electricity and other daily hand to mouth life incentives,” said Lukuku said.

“During the Arab Spring, that group rose against the affluent in a quest to establish a social equilibrium. The rich got shocked to find that during a civil strife, junks could swim in their pools, play on their beds and access their daughters.”

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