Hatred making Zambians useless, says Hamukale

SOUTHERN Province minister Edify Hamukale says Zambians are becoming useless in the area of hatred for one another.

Addressing the media in Choma, Hamukale said the behaviour of killing each other on mere suspicions was not just barbaric but also against Zambian culture.

“Zambians are becoming useless in the area of hatred for one another. We are not going to bow down to stupid people wanting to destroy our country,” Hamukale said. “I might consider sending security to churches to protect people because these stupid people can think of going to churches to gas people.”

He said the behaviour of gassing and killing people was not driven by ordinary Zambians but selfish individuals who want to make the country ungovernable.

“This is not a people driven idea but an idea for selfish individuals who have failed to succeed through the ballot,” Hamukale claimed.

He regretted that many young people were losing their lives and opportunity to do productive activities as a result of gassing issues.

Hamukale urged parents in the province to escort their children to school.

“If indeed you want to rule, do you need to first kill people? Come and face me you Mr or Mrs… you will regret. I will stand on top of the mountain, if you want dare me by causing havoc in the province. I have the army, police, ZNS [Zambia National Service] and ZAF [Zambia Airforce], they will fish you out,” Hamukale said.

And Hamukale has appealed to the Church to preach messages of love.

“I’m urging the clergy to preach messages of love and not sermons that hinge on superstition like human beings turning into cats, it can’t happen. Who knows some of these gassers can be converted if the Church concentrates on preaching love,” said Hamukale. “PF can’t do something to humiliate its own people who voted for them. And for once shall we be patriotic as citizens and take care of our children.”

And Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo, who paid a courtesy call on Hamukale at his office on his way to Livingstone with an entourage from his constituency, Kabushi, to learn on how the intercity bus terminus was done in Livingstone, said there was no need to kill each other because Zambians were one people regardless of colour and tribe.

He said President Edgar Lungu was not sleeping but was on top of things.

“Zambia is in capable hands under President Lungu. What is happening in the country is politically motivated and won’t last long. We are closing in on the mastermind. We are not going to look at faces, tribe, colour or religion but once these people are caught they will dance to the government tune,” Lusambo said.

He said there was no politician bigger than Zambia.

“Our forefathers fought for independence and Zambia become an independent state that’s why I’m a very free person even when in Southern Province,” Lusambo said.

On his visit to the Province, Lusambo said his team’s mission was to appreciate development that the government under President Lungu was doing.

“It’s our time to make sure that we invest in social and economic development. We have come to admire development in the Province. We want to give people of Copperbelt in Kabushi the same intercity bus terminus that is why we have come to see the one in Livingstone,” said Lusambo.

Among the people that accompanied him are councillors and technocrats from Ndola City Council.

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